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March 2015 . . .


"Ask a Pro" with Diane Stibbard

Diane Stibbard-Ask a Pro


In this issue of Ask a Pro, Diane answers the question: How Can I Become a Faster Cyclist?

A: Cyclists often talk about their speed and how far they went on a particular ride. Many focus on how fast they’re riding and want to become faster.

Becoming faster is a product of how fit you are. A conditioned cyclist requires a combination of muscular strength, power, and aerobic endurance, plus a high lactate threshold (they can sustain a higher level of intensity without accumulating too much lactic acid in the muscles).

To become a faster cyclist you need to implement different types of cycling workouts that address strength, power, lactate threshold, and aerobic endurance. Read more . . .

Georgena Terry:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (in bikes)


This blog is about challenging our perception of the definition of a good bike. I thought a visual presentation of how we regard bicycles would be cool way to put things in perspective. So I’ve come up with a grid to illustrate my point. Even if you shun math, I think you’ll find this very palatable. We tend to evaluate bikes based on their weight and stiffness. So one axis on the graph is for weight, the other is for stiffness. Simple.

Read more . . .

Road Rider Tips With Sarah Bonner:
Staying Warm on the Road


Some of you may have a chilly start to the outdoor cycling season this year. In many parts of Canada and the US it’s been a colder than usual winter, and the weather gurus are predicting a colder than usual spring.

Still, staying warm on the road isn’t just about the temperature, it’s also about staying dry, clever planning and being prepared.

Read more . . .


Road Cycling Keeps You Young

By Laurel-Lea Shannon


Recreational cycling, arguably the best sport in the world, just got better. A study published in the Journal of Physiology claims that serious road cyclists may be able to turn back the clock on aging.

Read more . . .


Chicken Parmesan

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of
Chicken Parmesan


Classic chicken parmesan goes gluten free when chicken breasts are coated in almond flour. This chicken recipe can be a staple in every gluten free chefs repertoire.

Even though we are on different diets, in my home we partake in one family meal. This way, we come together energetically – we share the same space, breathe the same air and eat the same food.

My older son asks to have this parmesan chicken dish every week; for some reason my younger son complains about it, and then inevitably devours it. Enjoy. Read more . . .

The Roadies:
How Can I Survive Pack Contact?

By Fred Matheny

Road bike rider

Question: I’m pretty new to road cycling and love it, but I’m still a bit afraid of riding in a group. The other day a guy got too close and bumped into me. I swerved and nearly crashed. Is there a way to handle contact so I can enjoy group rides? — Bobby D.

Coach Fred Matheny Replies: Riding in close proximity to others can be intimidating, but if you learn several simple skills you will gain confidence and enjoy those group rides more. Here are 5 tips:
Read more . . .