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How To Use A Foam Roller

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December 2014 . . .


"Ask a Pro" with Diane Stibbard

Diane Stibbard-Ask a Pro


In this issue of Ask a Pro, Diane answers the question: I’ve had an injury and haven’t been able to ride for the past 2 months. What should I do to get back in the saddle?

A:  It’s always frustrating for athletes to cope with setbacks caused by an injury. Over the years, I too have had setbacks caused by injuries (I recently took a spill and dislocated my right shoulder) and illness which have taken me out of action for anywhere from one week to several months. Depending on the injury or the illness, the recovery time to get back to your full riding schedule will vary.

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Georgena Terry:
Storing Your Bike For Winter

Depending on where you live, your bike could be in storage for as long as 6 months. If you store it in a garage or shed, cover it with an old sheet or tarp to keep the dust off. Hang it up so that the wheels are off the ground. This will keep the tires from developing flat spots as they slowly deflate from declining tire pressure. I prefer to keep the bike in a horizontal position.
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Sarah's Road Riders Tips:
Cycling Holiday Lanzarote: A Quick Guide


Home to many athletes fleeing winter, the Spanish island of Lanzarote boasts year-round sport. And it delivers. In the shadow of more popular cycling destinations like Tenerife, Lanzarote, with its water sports, off-road trails and good facilities draws more triathletes than cyclists. While other Canary Islands have more roads to ride on, Lanzarote is still a unique experience for any cycling tourist. Read more . . .


Gluten Free Biscuts

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of


Okey dokey, here comes a turkey day fave. These biscuits are super easy to make and high- protein fare to boot. So you just might want to add them to your Thanksgiving menu. Or your Christmas dinner menu. Or a brunch menu. As you can see, they’re quite versatile.

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How to Enjoy the Festivities and Avoid the Muffin Top

By Laurel-Lea Shannon


If you gain weight easily, navigating your way through the Christmas holidays is like picking your way through a calorie-laden labyrinth. Office parties, neighbourhood parties, family get-togethers—everywhere you turn there are sugary, butter-and cream-packed Christmas goodies, not to mention calorie-dense hors d’oeuvres, wine, spirits, and that glorious triple-digit-calorie punch: eggnog. Did you know that one cup of eggnog has 343 calories? And that’s before the rum is added.

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The Roadies:
What Makes a $12,000 Bike Worth the Cost?

By Jim Kish

Road bike rider



What on earth makes a $12,000 bike worth the cost? Can it really be $7,000 better than a $5,000 bike? Or is it more about some people having more money than sense? I know there are different carbon layup techniques and grades of material, but – really? Is any bike over $7,000 delivering something you can’t get in a less-expensive model?

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