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As well as getting 10% off our e-books, premium members get discounts from companies such as, Hammer Nutrition Canada (products and cycling camps), Two-Wheeling Women, and WomenTours, and are also entered in our monthly draw for quality cycling gear from our generous sponsors.

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For only $12 a year, a lot less than one cup of coffee a month, you can support Women’s Cycling, win cool cycling gear and score some amazing discounts. Help us keep this unique cycling resource for women online. Please subscribe today!

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1) Your name is entered in a monthly giveaway draw of quality cycling gear for our Premium members only.

2) 10% off all Hammer Nutrition Canada Products.

3) 10% off our e-programs.

4) Women’s Cycling Premium members also get a 10% discount on all Two-Wheeling Women 2014 tours. Check out their special offer below.

5) Free bike assembly/disassembly and a 40% one-time discount on Hammer Nutrition Canada products or clothing when you sign up for one of three Hammer Nutrition Canada Cycling Camps.

6) Take a tour with WomanTours, the women-only fully-supported bicycle touring company with trips all over the world. As a premium member you get a 15% discount on any 4-7 day domestic tour for first-time guests with WomanTours. Just show proof of your premium membership at Women’s Cycling to claim the discount.

7) The good feeling you have knowing that your Premium membership is helping to keep a unique cycling resource for women online.

8) Your subscription will help us to continue providing information and articles specific to women cyclists that you won’t find anywhere else.

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