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7 Tips For A Proper Bike Fit

By Kunyi Mangalam

After struggling many kilometres on the road, with aching arms and hands from hunching over a too-large bike, I started searching for a bike that would properly fit my 5’1” frame. Fortunately, I had Diane Stibbard and Keith Honeyborne to lead me in the right direction. Here are a few

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Buying an Aero Helmet

By Sarah Bonner

An aerodynamic helmet is an easy way to get some “free speed.” It can also give you a winning edge when you’re looking to save time in an Ironman or gain a slight advantage in a shorter road time trial. Plus, they look really cool. Before you buy, however, remember

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Cycling can be a Pain in the Neck – part 2

By Mary Paterson cont’d from Part 1

In part 2 of Cycling can be a Pain in Neck, Mary tells you about other corrections you can make on the bike to eliminate neck pain.

Handlebar Reach

Your skeleton, not your muscles should support your upper body on your

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Cycling can be a Pain in the Neck – part 1

By Mary Patterson

Cycling is an activity that requires the body to maintain a position of prolonged back flexion, placing greater demands on the neck. As a result, neck pain is one of the most common complaints experienced by cyclists. Does this sound familiar? You are only half way through your ride and

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Cleat Positioning

By Mary Paterson

Positioning of the cleats is one of the most important elements of a bike setup because power is transferred from the rider to the bike through the foot/pedal interface. Proper cleat position will improve biomechanical alignment between the body and the bike, optimizing efficiency and comfort. Proper cleat placement is

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Pedal Choices – Part two

By Mary Paterson


Shimano Pedal M324

With many different models, Shimano SPD pedals are one of the most popular pedal choices today. They have between 5 and 6 degrees of float, are dual-sided and are easy to get in and out of. But beware! do not buy

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Pedal Choice: Clipless Pedals?

By Mary Paterson

What Are Clipless Pedals?

Choosing pedals can be overwhelming and confusing. The purpose of any pedal is to transfer power to the bike. Should I try clipless pedals and if so which type? To start with, the name “clipless” pedals makes no sense at all because we ARE

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Saddle Discomfort—Solutions for Women Cyclists

Q: What are the most likely causes of female genital pain while cycling?

Mary Paterson: Saddle comfort can be the deciding factor between an enjoyable ride or a miserable one. It can stop some women from riding their bikes all together, it’s that painful. Why can the saddle be

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