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Descent-Haters Guide to Descending


By Sarah Bonner

As someone who struggled with descending for many years, I can relate to all of those who say: “I’m scared,” “I just don’t like to go fast,” “I can’t see what’s coming around the corner,” “I feel like I don’t have control” or “I’m not interested in learning.”

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Hand Signals for Cyclists


By Sarah Bonner

Good communication on the road between cyclists and other traffic is essential for safe cycling, especially when you’re riding in a group. Hand signals are often the quickest and easiest way to indicate potential dangers and actions and are meant to be passed down by each cyclist from the first

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Simple Brake Adjustments


By Sarah Bonner

I remember panicking before a road race once because my brakes were rubbing. I asked a friend to fix it for me and, after two seconds the job was done. “That’s it?” I said. After that I learned that minor brake adjustments were easy and often don’t require any

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How to Get Home When You Can’t Fix a Flat

Fixing a flat tire on the road

By Sarah Bonner

Triple puncture? Flat spare tube? And no one is picking up their phone?! Forget being a damsel in distress. If you have no spare tubes left, there are a few emergency maneuvers you can perform to get you home.

1. The Pump and Ride: If you can’t fix a

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Help! I’ve Broken a Spoke!


By Sarah Bonner

The rare twang of a broken spoke is no cause for heart break. Spokes are set under tension and hold a wheel true (straight). When one or more spokes break, the tension balance of the wheel is thrown off and your wheel becomes wobbly and hard to handle. A spoke

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Staying Warm on the Road


By Sarah Bonner

Some of you may have a chilly start to the outdoor cycling season this year. In many parts of Canada and the US it’s been a colder than usual winter, and the weather gurus are predicting a colder than usual spring.

Still, staying warm on the road isn’t just about the temperature,

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cyclists


By Sarah Bonner

Since a bike can’t say “I love you” (at least not literally), here are a few ways to spoil a cyclist you care about this Valentine’s Day.

SRAM Red 22 Groupset: Light, quiet, top-of-the line 11-speed will make any cyclist swoon, ride after ride. You’ll be a hero. (Read more . . . Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cyclists

Winter Motivation Tips


By Sarah Bonner


Winter is the toughest time of year to stay motivated. But instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can achieve during the colder months. Get your family and friends involved and follow my winter motivation tips to ensure you stay on track—you’ll thank

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Cycling Holiday Lanzarote: A Quick Guide


By Sarah Bonner

Home to many athletes fleeing winter, the Spanish island of Lanzarote boasts year-round sport. And it delivers. In the shadow of more popular cycling destinations like Tenerife, Lanzarote, with its water sports, off-road trails and good facilities draws more triathletes than cyclists. While other Canary Islands have

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How To Find New Cycling Routes


By Sarah Bonner


Sometimes a new road can bring new life to your love of cycling, but new routes can be hard to find. Here are a few tips to help you discover and explore fresh roads.

1. Strava: Strava is an online platform for cyclists and runners that

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What To Pack For A Race


By Sarah Bonner



After a few years of racing, I’ve learned how to pack for a race and picked up a few tricks along the way. The key to packing for a race is being prepared for any scenario but there are also few extra items that can make

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Summer Hydration Tips

By Sarah Bonner

Staying hydrated is a vital part of performing on the bike but it can be hard to stay ahead of the hydration curve in the summer heat. Staying hydrated while you ride maintains proper blood consistency, which helps deliver oxygen to your muscles. Equally important for recovery, proper hydration is

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How to Pack Your Pockets

By Sarah Bonner

How you pack your pockets comes down to a combination of balance, necessity, and riding conditions. It’s not rocket science but how you “stuff your stuff” is a habit perfected over time. Fast forward a few thousand kilometers and here’s what I’ve learned.

Balance: Unbalanced pockets slide off

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How to Start Slipstreaming

By Sarah Bonner Slipstreaming is an energy saving skill that not only helps you keep up with faster riders but helps you conquer the wind. It involves riding close enough behind the rider in front of you to be protected from the wind, making it easier for you to maintain the same

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