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How Can I Defeat Winter Despair?

Q: I took up cycling three years ago and have gotten progressively addicted. Last year I rode almost 15,000 miles including many centuries. I could do it because I lived in Arizona.

But I moved to Wisconsin in September and can’t ride outside due to the cold and snow. I’m getting

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The Nuts (and Bolts) of Winter Cycling

By Heather Pardon

I used to think that people who cycled in the winter were nuts. That is, until I became one of those people.

I don’t know exactly how I came to join the winter cycling scene. I think it was a convergence of forces, including leading a car-free lifestyle, a dislike

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Cold Weather Cycling Tips

By Laurel-Lea Shannon



When you cycle in cold weather your body can lose heat faster than it produces it, putting you at risk for hypothermia. How cold does it have to be? Not very. If you’re improperly dressed, temperatures between 5 to 15° C (40 to 60°

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Cycling in the Off-Season

By Jacqui Snyder

The weather is changing. The days are shorter and it’s cooler; often wet. Does that mean we have to give up on cycling? Not at all! There is no bad weather; there is only bad clothing! With a little planning, knowledge and organizing, you can continue to cycle all Autumn, and even

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Bike To Work—Tips From A Three-Season Commuter

By Laurel-Lea Shannon After twelve years of cycling to work, Kerry Guglielmin has overcome all the barriers, fears and concerns most women have about commuting by bike. Eight months of the year she pedals her royal-blue hybrid bike to work beside the Rideau Canal, which weaves its way through Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

“Biking to work

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Snow Biking

Winter cycling in the city—things to know before you go


Blue skies, bright sun, fresh temperatures, five cm of packed snow — a perfect day for a bike ride, right? You don’t have to be one of those hardy Ottawa souls who cycle to work in winter — just think of

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Tips For Storing Your Bike For The Winter

By Laurel-Lea Shannon

When it comes to bike maintenance, there are two kinds of cyclists—those intimately acquainted with their bikes, who lovingly wash, lubricate and maintain their trusty steed throughout the cycling season—and the rest of us: cyclists who could change a flat tire in a pinch, but mostly consult a bike mechanic when our

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