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Coaching with Diane Stibbard

Don’t just survive. Thrive!

Are you planning to do a Gran Fondo, a charity ride, a cycling holiday, or a cycling race this year? Do you want to be fit and ready for the event?

You may have only the best intentions of working out and putting in enough time on the bike so you’re in top form for the big day, but without a coach and a personalized training program, your plans could run amuck, leaving you unfit and unprepared. Don’t go down that road. Diane Stibbard can help you succeed! 

Diane Stibbard coaching

Diane Stibbard – coach

Cycling coaching:  Diane Stibbard is a cycling, running, and multisport coach, who provides training programs for recreational and competitive cyclists, including personal training and nutritional counselling.  She has 25 years’ experience as a personal trainer, coach and nutritional counsellor.  A highly competitive and successful duathlete, cyclist and runner, Diane has countless races and wins under her belt.  She’s represented Canada around the world, has twice been voted Canadian Duathlete of the year, and had a 4th place finish at the World Duathlon Championships in Newcastle, Australia.

Who: Coaching is not just for competitive cyclists, it`s for everyone. Diane’s programs are individually designed for you, taking into account not only your goals but your current conditioning and health issues.  Coaching can help you train for specific events, such as a Granfondo, charity rides, or bike racing, but even if you just want to get fitter, faster, and ride stronger, coaching can help you do that too. And it’s a lot faster than if you try doing it on your own.


“I read Diane’s articles at Women’s Cycling and was intrigued as to whether having a coach — someone to pull all the threads together — would make much of a difference. Since last season, I have wanted to improve my cycling in the coming year. I suspected that though I was working hard at fitness with spin classes, strength and core conditioning, I was still missing a unified approach that would result in better endurance and a little more speed on the road. I have been really pleased with the results so far, both in terms of her knowledge, the ongoing and responsive attention I receive, and the value of her coaching approach. I am really looking forward to getting on the road and seeing the difference.” – Kunyi Mangalam

“Finding the right coach can mean the difference between success and failure.  A great coach like Diane Stibbard transforms your doubts into self-confidence and leads you to victory.”  – Deborah Nixon

How: If you live in or near the city of Toronto, Diane will meet with you and conduct a bike threshold test to establish your training zones. Not from Toronto? Not a problem. For distance clients, Diane provides an alternative testing protocol.

For women who just want a structured training program and accountability without the threshold testing, Diane will provide a balanced program to help you meet your goals of staying active and fit.

What:  First Diane establishes what your goals are. From there she writes a monthly training program that she emails to you. The coaching service also provides ongoing support, which includes answering your questions or concerns with the training and/or the program, and changing or tweaking current programs to better meet your needs.

How much:  If you meet with Diane for threshold testing, the cost of testing and data analysis is $95.00.  There’s no charge if you’re out of town, and you’re doing the self-testing protocol.

The monthly program fee is just $85.00, and can be paid through email bank transfer, PayPal, or personal cheque.

Diane does email, telephone, and Skype consultations. To learn more, visit Diane’s website or contact her at