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Want a Dutch Bike to Ride Around Town on?

By Laurel-Lea Shannon

Dutch bike by Republic -Plato

Look no further. Republic’s Plato Dutch bicycle is a mix of retro styling with modern whimsy, and it’s affordable. Their slogan, built by you & us may strike fear in the heart of most women, but don’t drag out the wrench set yet. Republic does 90% of the assembly, while you customize the colour of the frame, saddle, grips, chaincase, tires and skirt. After they ship the bike, you attach the pedals, front wheel and handlebars.

The Dutch bike is designed to let you ride upright and relaxed—a single speed, fixed-gear bike that allows the urban rider to get around town in style.

For more information visit:http://www.republicbike.com

1 comment to Want a Dutch Bike to Ride Around Town on?

  • I’m Amin Mayahi, the founder and designer of Republic Dutch®.

    Bicycles are my passion! I started Republic Dutch® in 2011 as the answer to my quest for my dream bike. Now, I do the same for other people – custom make their dream bikes.

    Republic Dutch® bicycles are designed and handcrafted in my atelier, right here in Utrecht. Each bicycle is a labour of love, with my signature on each bicycle as the final touch of excellence. Republic Dutch® bicycles cover the entire spectrum of bicycles; from the latest high end road and mountain bikes to transportation oriented bikes, from long distance adventure bikes to tandem bikes. Each bicycle is uniquely handcrafted using high quality components and is a fusion of technical, functional, and design elements.

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