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3 Feet Please! — Wear Your Protest For The 3-Foot Safe Passing Law

3 feet please - 3 foot safe passing lawAre you tired of close calls with drivers who pass at top speed mere inches away from your bike? One concerned cyclist, Joe Mizereck, decided to wear his protest. This fall he launched his cycling advocacy campaign, “3 feet please.” “ I started the campaign to build awareness of the need for motorists to give cyclists 3-foot clearance as they pass,” says Joe.

The core of this campaign centres on a jersey with the words “3 Feet Please” on the back. This message ties into the 3-foot safe passing law that is currently on the books in 12 states in the US. In Canada, provincial cycling associations are lobbying their governments to get the same law passed here.

Check out Joe’s website: www.3feetplease.com. Add your voice to the protest and send a letter to your government. If you haven’t got the time to write your own letter you can get a form letter here.

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