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Get Involved—Be a Cycling Advocate

What would you be willing to do to make cycling safer for everyone? Each week, a handful of men and women volunteer hours of their time to write letters, make phone calls, attend meetings, and talk to government representatives to advance the cause of cycling.

Some do it because they love cycling. Others are environmentalists who understand that if more commuters embrace the humble bicycle we will all breathe cleaner air. And then there are the men and women who have had their lives torn apart by the sudden loss of a loved one killed in a cycling accident. Those who have been seriously injured themselves by motorists while riding their bikes. And others who have had too many close calls on the roads, until finally they throw their arms up in disgust, yelling, “Somebody has to do something to make our roads safer.” With a shock, they realize they are that “somebody.”

Their numbers are small. But these few are making a big difference for the rest of us. Like us, these men and women lead busy lives, but they find precious hours every week to fight for our rights. Because of their efforts, bills are being introduced in provincial and state governments across North America. Every year new traffic laws that protect cyclists are being passed. Each small step cycling advocates take makes cycling safer for all of us.

Imagine what would happen if we each did our part. If we each took responsibility for making our roads safe for cycling. If we each picked up a pen and wrote a letter in support of these bills. If we each attended a meeting of our local cycling advocacy group and volunteered some of our time. Don’t wait until you, or a loved one, is seriously injured by a motorist before you say, “Enough.” The responsibility of making our roads safe for cycling should not rest on the shoulders of a few. It’s a task we all need to share. Please get involved now.

In Ontario this month there are two bills under consideration:

Bill 118, Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act, 2008
Bill 126, Road Safety Act, 2008.

You can read more about Bill 118 here :


You can read more about Bill 126 here:


If you live in Ontario, please take a few minutes to write a letter. It will make a difference. Submissions will be accepted until February 20th and can be sent to:

Trevor Day (Committee Clerk)
Room 1405, Whitney Block/Bureau 1405, édifice Whitney
Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M7A 1A2

– Laurel-Lea Shannon

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