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RoadGuardian — Protecting Cyclists and Saving Lives

By Laurel-Lea Shannon
Cycling can be dangerous no matter how safety conscious you are. You can do everything right—obey all the rules of the road, be mindful of other traffic, keep your bike well maintained, and wear bright colours—and still be the victim of a tragic accident.

That’s because some cycling routes have intrinsic problems—dangerous sections of highway, for example, with a perilous history for cyclists—and should be avoided altogether. The trouble is you don’t always know where these problem spots are. If you are new to an area, or are just cycling through, you may not have heard about the close calls or cycling accidents that have occurred on local roads. Not knowing these danger zones can cost you your life. Joe Mizereck wants to change that.

Joe, a Florida cyclist, recently teamed up with Max Jones, an Internet wizard, to launch RoadGuardian, a new website dedicated to protecting cyclists and saving lives around the world. Now, no matter where you live, you can go on the RoadGuardian website to report road conditions that are dangerous for cyclists, including close calls, cycling accidents, or cycling deaths—and contribute to a database that will help cyclists world-wide avoid dangerous locations.

For RoadGuardian to work, cyclists everywhere need to get involved. On his website Joe says, “I am so excited about what we’re doing here and sincerely believe that this tool will make a powerful difference . . . but, I cannot do it without you. So, look it over. Test it. Share info if you have info to share… and share the news with your cycling friends.”

To register for Road Guardian, or to learn more, visit RoadGuardian.

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