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SANYO Installs Solar Parking Lots

Promoting Smart Energy Systems by combining solar panels, rechargeable batteries, & electric hybrid bicycles

This week SANYO announced that it has completed the installation of two “Solar Parking Lots,” incorporating solar panels and lithium-ion battery systems that will charge 100 electric hybrid bicycles in Tokyo Japan. The “Solar Parking Lot” is a completely independent and clean system eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

The clean power generated from the solar panels installed on the roof is stored to recharge the batteries of Sanyo’s electric hybrid bicycle, “eneloop bike”, and illuminate the lights in the parking lot.

By combining “HIT solar panels” with “lithium-ion battery systems”, SANYO’s Solar Parking Lot recharges the electric hybrid bicycles without any commercial power source, even at night or on a rainy day. The lithium-ion battery system also features AC power outlets that can be used to power external equipment during an emergency.


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