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Keeping Fit in the Off-Season

Get 4 Months Coaching from a Pro this Winter and Lead the Pack this Spring!

Keeping Fit in the Off SeasonWorld-class cyclist and certified coach Diane Stibbard will help you reach your fitness goals with her training program, Keeping Fit In The Off Season.

With this easy-to-follow four-month cycling and weight training program you will:

Strengthen and tone your legs for more efficient cycling
Ride without fatigue by increasing your aerobic capacity
Improve your riding technique
Build muscle and stamina for long summer rides
Lose weight by increasing your metabolism
Increase your energy all day long
Sleep better—exercise helps you relax for a good night’s sleep
Feel happy and energized—cycling pumps up endorphins
Improve your confidence and self esteem—you’ll look great!

If you own a bike, you can quickly set yourself up to do the entire program in your home, or apartment. Just pick up a cycling trainer at your local bike shop and you’re ready to go.

Hate barbells and expensive exercise equipment?

Diane’s weight-training component uses body resistance, a sit-fit ball and some exercise tubing. It’s that easy. It’s that convenient. It costs far less than a six-month membership at the local club. And this is a program you’ll be able to use year after year in the off season.
You get:

Four months of cycling workout schedules
Diane’s weight training program with how-to photographs
Exercise worksheets to monitor your progress
Q & A with Diane: cycling and off-season training tips

Keeping Fit in the Off SeasonConsider this: To hire a personal trainer for just one hour costs $50 – $75. And you may be trained by someone who received her certification through a mail-order correspondence course.
Joining a gym for a year costs $600-$1,000. You usually have to pay a minimum of 6 months to join, even though most people stop going after one month.
Diane Stibbard’s Keeping Fit In The Off Season— a four-month training program by a world-class cyclist and certified coach costs only $14.95. On sale now for just $9.95— less than the cost of one spinning class. Now that’s exceptional value!
Don’t let months of winter inactivity turn your muscle into flab. You can be fit, lean and healthy now. And there’s no better way to do this than with Diane’s Keeping Fit In The Off Season — this indispensable cycling training program will get you into the best shape of your life this winter.

PDF Booklet. . . . . . . . . only $9.95
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*You can do this fitness program in your home or in a gym.


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