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Vegan with Ease

Vegan with Ease by Deb Gleason

Live Better, Feel Great

 Do you want to look great?
 Get healthy?
 Eat well?

More and more athletes are turning towards plant-based diets to improve their health, increase their energy, and optimize their performance. Why? Adding more vegetables and raw foods to your diet has a significant positive impact on health. “People who follow a plant-based diet have lower body mass indexes, are at reduced risk for heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, and many other chronic diseases,” says certified holistic nutritionist and author Deb Gleason.

Nutrients Galore!

To thrive, your body needs nutrients—lots of them. But our modern diet is filled with processed, fast, and convenience foods that rob you of the life-giving nutrients your body needs to boost energy and keep healthy. In fact, what you’re eating could be making you feel sick and tired, adding unwanted weight gain, and setting you up for chronic disease. If you want to live better and feel great, Vegan with Ease can show you the way.

Not Just for Vegans

But wait! Maybe you want to eat healthier but you don’t want to switch to a 100% vegan diet. Vegan with Ease in not just for vegans. Sure, if you want to fully embrace a vegan diet, Deb Gleason will take you through the steps of making a plant-based diet part of your lifestyle–she’ll show you what you need to get started, how to stock your kitchen with the necessary foods, what to order when eating out, and how to manage meals when you’re travelling.

But Vegan with Ease is also for those of you who simply want to be healthier. Adding nutritionally-loaded plant foods to your daily diet is an important first step on the road to better health. Vegan with Ease will introduce you to delicious plant-based recipes that are easy, fast, and super-nutritious, so you can start preparing healthy energy-boosting snacks and meals today. Whether you want to overhaul your diet, or take small steps to improve your health by eating more plant-based foods, Vegan with Ease can show you the way.

Benefits of Eating Plant-based Foods

  • Improved health: reduced risk for heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, chronic illnesses
  • Easy weight loss
  • Look great
  • Eat well
  • No more calorie counting
  • Animal-friendly
  • Planet-friendly

Deb Gleason

Deb Gleason wasn’t always a vegan. The former homicide detective became a plant-foods enthusiast after encountering health and weight issues in her twenties. Making the change from cheeseburgers and pizza to a plant-based lifestyle happened gradually but it was worth the effort. Increased energy, easy weight loss, and a noticeable improvement in her health inspired Deb to become a certified holistic nutritionist and a vegan lifestyle coach. She now empowers others to improve their health through diet.

77 Beautifully Designed Pages Include:

  • The benefits of plant-based nutrition
  • Simple ways to get started
  • Stocking your kitchen for success
  • Eating out
  • Travelling
  • Quick meal ideas
  • Quick snacks
  • 39 recipes: snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, & dessert
Sample Inside Pages

Vegan with Ease by Deb Gleason

Vegan with Ease PDF e-book $9.95

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