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Winter Training For Cyclists: Fundamentals for a Strong Season

How do you want to feel next cycling season?Winter Training for Cyclists

a)      Toned
b)      Strong
c)      Cardio-fit and ready to go
d)      Flabby and tired
e)      a, b, and c

If you answered “e” then you need to start thinking about training today. Winter’s inclement weather can trap you indoors, making exercise more challenging and spelling big trouble for your fitness. What can you do?

There are cross-training sports like running, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing to pursue, but baby it’s cold outside! Maybe you won’t do them. And sitting drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace, while it may be more appealing, just won’t cut it. After a few months of that you’ll be: “d) Flabby and tired”!

The hard fact is: if you want to maintain your cycling fitness and be ready to zoom off on the bike come spring, you’ve got to spend some time each week between now and then spinning on your trainer.

Winter training takes work but it’s a small price for all the fun you’ll have starting the new cycling season: “e) toned, strong, cardio fit and ready to go”. Not sure where to begin? We can help.

Winter Training for Cyclists is a complete winter training program for cyclists. You will:

  • Increase your speed with Cadence Intervals
  • Cruise up hills with Hill Repeats
  • Improve your technique with pedal stroke drills and spin ups
  • Lose weight (in the unlikely event you put on a few pounds over the holidays)
  • Strengthen your core
  • Pump up your leg muscles
  • Build Michele Obama biceps
  • Stretch to increase your flexibility
  • Build endurance for long rides with Tempo Riding
  • Improve V02 Max with Threshold Intervals and High Intensity Intervals

Winter Training for Cyclists


Winter Training for Cyclists includes 4 months of detailed weekly drills and an illustrated stretching and weight training component for your core, legs, and arms.

Written by Clair Cafaro President of C.O.R.E Cycling®, Winter Training for Cyclists is the next best thing to having a personal trainer—only it costs a lot less. If you’re looking for a training program to get you through the winter, look no farther. Winter Training for Cyclists is it. Buy it now for only $7.95. (PDF e-Program)

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Clair CafaroClair Cafaro is the President of C.O.R.E Cycling®, an indoor cycling instructor certification program based on authentic cycling principles. Clair is also a Periodization Planning Specialist through the Tudor Bompa Institute, and a level 1 multi-sport coach with the NCCP. 



8 comments to Winter Training For Cyclists: Fundamentals for a Strong Season

  • Linda

    Regarding your reply Clairs’ reply to Rachel on 1/19/12 – I have absolutely no idea what all the ‘zones’ are that are being referred to. I don’t have a trainer yet but want to work out in the winter. Your book sounded like it might fit the bill but it makes me think I am not knowledgeable enough.

  • susen-marie

    laurel-lea…i am very much enjoying the training. best program i have used in a really long time! it is not easy but i already feel stronger. whoo hooo!!!

  • Sorry- I just submitted a question regarding the Winter training book- I was thinking DVD after reading the article- my question should have been -I don’t have a power meter on my bike- will your book allow me to follow your plan & what method would you use to gauge performance- thanks!

    • Hi Rachel,

      Yes, you can absolutely follow the program using a heart rate monitor or perceived rate of exertion. The reason for the LTHR test is that most folks do not know what their training zones are and the LTHR test establishes those zones. So if you have your zones, then simply follow the program using the zones that are recommended. As far as perceived rate of exertion, here are the corresponding zones for a PRE scale of 1-10. 10/10=Z5b,c.
      9.5/10= Z5a, high Z4. 9/10=Z4. 8.5/10=low Z4,highZ3(8.5/10 you are approaching LT). 8/10=Z3, 7-7.5/10=Z2. 5-6/10=Z1.
      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  • susen-marie

    i get lonely and bored staying fit in the winter. i think having your 4 month guide would be a fun challenge and maybe i could convince some others to try it with me. thanks for another great article. once i purchase it will i be able to print it out as i do not have my own computer.

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