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Bicycle Repair—Free Pickup and Delivery?

By Laurel-Lea Shannon

Wheels in MotionIf you live in a city where bicycling is popular, you may find it difficult to get a Spring tune-up when you need one. At some bike shops, you’ll have to make an appointment four to six weeks in advance. So if you wait too long, it could be almost summer by the time you get a tune-up.

A new bicycle repair shop in Ottawa, Wheels in Motion, has a better idea. Professionally trained and certified bicycle technician Jennifer West believes in great customer service. When you book a tune-up with her, she’ll pick up your bike from your home and deliver it back to you when the work is done.

Wheels in Motion is the only female-owned and operated bicycle repair shop in Ottawa. Jennifer just opened her shop in March—so there are no line-ups or waiting for weeks on end for a tune-up—and she guarantees the best prices in town. The free pick up and delivery? That’s just the icing on the cake.

Wheels in Motion

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