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Safe Cycling Campaign Introduces “1 METRE PLEASE” Jersey

1 meter please cycling jerseyTallahassee, Florida (USA) January 6, 2011 — In honor of the Nova Scotia legislature passing amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act requiring motorists to leave one metre (3.28 feet) of space between their vehicle and a cyclist when passing from the rear, the USA based “3 Feet Please” campaign is adding a “1 METRE PLEASE” cycling jersey to its global campaign to save cyclists’ lives.

Avid cyclist and campaign founder Joe Mizereck of Tallahassee, Florida said, “We are excited to welcome Nova Scotia to our growing network of cities, states, provinces and countries that have adopted 3-foot or 1-metre laws to help motorists understand what is considered the minimum amount of space required to safely pass a cyclist.”  At the heart of these laws is the intent to save cyclists’ lives, but the result is so much greater.  Most cyclists will agree that most motorists are courteous and respectful of cyclists’ need for space. However, there are a large number of motorists who just don’t get it. They don’t get the fear that sweeps over cyclists when motorists pass too close.  And they don’t get how hitting a cyclist would change lives—theirs, the cyclists’ and the cyclists’ families.

Mizereck added, “Around the world the number of people choosing to ride bicycles is growing.  That number will increase dramatically if we can help make riding a bicycle one of the safest forms of transportation available.  Laws like the 1-Metre law make cycling safer.  And when we make cycling safer it can encourage non-cyclists to give the sport a try. As more people appreciate and enjoy cycling, safety is improved for everyone.

The key thing for motorists to remember if they come upon a cyclist from the rear and cannot give at least one metre of space when passing is to wait until they can.

According to Mizereck, the “3 Feet Please” jersey is being purchased by people all over the world.  The obvious question is: is it working?  Mizereck says, “Cyclists reporting back to me believe more motorists are giving them more space more often.”  So, yes it is working.  Motorists are responding and cyclists’ lives are being saved.  And “That,” says Mizereck, “is what it is all about—saving lives.”

A “1 METRE PLEASE” jersey is $60 USD and Mizereck is only adding $5.00 USD to help cover the postage costs to Nova Scotia.

Learn more about the “3 Feet Please” Campaign and get yourself or a loved one a “1 METRE PLEASE” jersey at www.1metreplease.com.  Questions? Contact Joe Mizereck at [email protected]

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