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An Interview with Nuria Rozalén of Planeta MTB

Nuria-trail-closeHow popular is cycling among women in Spain?
Cycling for women is still new in Spain. Unlike other European countries such as Germany or the Czech Republic we don’t have a tradition of cycling, even as a means of transportation. But each year we see more and more women on bicycles.

Are bikes used very much for commuting to work?
In recent years, cities such as Barcelona and Seville have developed an excellent infrastructure for cycling. Now people in those cities cycle to work and school. We need more cities to take the same initiative.


Do motorists respect cyclists in Spain? Is it safe to cycle on the highways and roads?
Nuria-mountainsIn Spain bicycles are forbidden on highways. You can only ride on secondary roads. These have wide shoulders and are safe for cyclists. Thanks to people like Alberto Contador, Joana Somarriba and Miguel Indurain, all world champions in the Tour of France, road cycling is popular in Spain and the general public respects cyclists.

What kind of cyclist are you?
I do all kinds of cycling. I ride to work on my commuter bike, I train weekdays on my road bike, and on the weekends I enjoy mountain biking. Plus I work for Planeta MTB Magazine and Bicimania Travel, a cycling touring company. So as you can see my life is the bike!


Nuria-trailTell us about Planeta Femenino.
In Spain there are very few women working professionally in cycling. The editor of Planeta MTB Magazine contacted me to work on a new section of the magazine just for women, called Planeta Femenino. My work at the magazine involves testing cycling products and writing bicycle-related articles. In addition to taking care of the female section of Planeta MTB, I also test men’s bikes and write general articles.

Is there much cycling tourism in Spain for women?
Spain is a paradise for bike riding. Most of the year we have excellent weather, our culture and traditional cuisine is fascinating and we have amazing places to visit. Bicimania Travel has exclusive trips for women, which are becoming more popular each year.


Can you give a few examples of cycling tours for women?
One of the most popular trips is Andalusia, which is in the south of Spain, where you can ride throughout the winter—the weather is gorgeous. Southern Spain has a enchanting mix of Spanish and Arab culture. The quiet roads meander through olive groves, and the people are friendly. Cyclists can rest while talking with the locals and enjoying a sweet wine.

Another popular trip is the Way of Saint James. It takes you on a pilgrimage through the north of Spain—a journey through Romanesque and Gothic Spanish culture, where you can enjoy a cuisine based on traditional dishes, and learn about our rich and diverse history.

There are two ways to travel. One, is to take many photos to show your friends. The other is to have a great experience that really touches your heart, leaves a small mark on your personality and makes you grow as person.
I devote myself to this work because I love my country and I want to show it to anyone who wishes to have a unique and unforgettable vacation.


Nuria Rozalén



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