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Cup O’ Joe With That Exercise

Coffee prolongs exercise
For all you coffee drinkers out there, here’s another good reason to make a pit stop at your favourite coffee shop before exercising. Recently, researchers at the University of Georgia found that caffeine reduces thigh muscle pain during cycling. You can read the science behind it here.

And there’s more good news. A study
in Australia found that even small amounts of caffeine allow athletes to exercise up to a third longer. That adds up to a stronger, leaner you.

Researchers from the Australian Institute of Sport found that cyclists who sip on cola or coffee as they cycle outperform those who drink water.  And for those of you who may be concerned about the diuretic and possible dehydrating effects of caffeine — it turns out that’s a myth.

Sports dietician Jane Griffiths told BBC News Online: “If you drink a large quantity of caffeine — perhaps 300 milligrams, which is equivalent to eight cups of tea — in one sitting, there might be a diuretic effect, but not if you drink this amount over a day.”

So have a cup o’ joe an hour before heading out for your next workout. According to the experts, you’ll have more stamina, burn more calories and have less muscle pain afterwards. Wow, FINALLY something good that’s GOOD for you!

Laurel-Lea Shannon

BBC News

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