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Ask The Experts

To answer your questions about sports nutrition, training and bike fit,we’re pleased to announce a new column “Ask The Experts.” Starting this September, we’ll be partnering with Beth Mansfield, a registered dietitian, and exercise physiologist from Peak Performance, and Mary Paterson, a registered physiotherapist and bike fit professional from Bike 2 Body.

Here’s your chance to have professionals answer all those cycling questions you may have been wondering about for years. Email them to editor[at]womenscycling.ca.

Elizabeth (Beth) Mansfield, MSc, RD, is a registered dietitian, CSEP-certified clinical exercise physiologist and sports nutrition specialist. Through her company, Peak Performance, she specializes in bridging the gap between the sciences of nutrition and exercise and the practices of healthy eating and active living.

Beth integrates sports nutrition into training programs for athletes competing at the international, national, provincial, and regional levels. She is currently working on her PhD at McGill University to answer the question: Does exercise attenuate age-related weight gain in vigorously active women?

Mary Paterson is a physiotherapist and a certified bike fit professional. An avid road and mountain cyclist, Mary has over 19 years of sports medicine experience. Her business, Bike 2 Body, offers physiotherapy and bike fitting for cyclists.

Mary brings her medical knowledge of sports injuries and biomechanics to the diagnosis and treatment of cycling injuries and applies them to the ideal bike fit.

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