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Bicycle Gifts $12 to $50

If you still have some last minute shopping to do for the cyclist in your life, check out these online buys. [These are the manufacturer’s descriptions.]

Cyclopedia $16.50

CyclopediaRandom House UK, 2010 – 448 pages

“The world of cycling is a veritable treasure trove ready to be plundered and in Cyclopedia, renowned two-wheeled aficionado, William Fotheringham, delves deep to unearth some 24-carat bike booty. This essential book is a miscellany of facts, figures, interesting snippets and quirky characters from the world of cycling. It tells you everything you could ever want to know about the bicycle from the history of the Tour de France to Chris Hoys dominance of the Beijing Velodrome via the origins of the ubiquitous quick release system and the diet that powered Graeme Obree to the world hour record marmalade and cornflakes. Cyclopedia has all the gear, the equipment, the races, the chases, the faces, the places, the drugs, the sex and the scandals to convert any amateur cyclist into a fully-fledged BMX bandit.”


Bike Snob $11.50

Bike Snob coverChronicle Books, 2010 – 222 pages

“Cycling is exploding in a good way. Urbanites everywhere, from ironic hipsters to earth-conscious commuters, are taking to the bike like aquatic mammals to water. BikeSnobNYC cycling’s most prolific, well-known, hilarious, and anonymous blogger brings a fresh and humorous perspective to the most important vehicle to hit personal transportation since the horse. Bike Snob treats readers to a laugh-out-loud rant and rave about the world of bikes and their riders, and offers a unique look at the ins and outs of cycling, from its history and hallmarks to its wide range of bizarre practitioners. Throughout, the author lampoons the missteps, pretensions, and absurdities of bike culture while maintaining a contagious enthusiasm for cycling itself. Bike Snob is an essential volume for anyone who knows, is, or wants to become a cyclist.”


Chasing Legends DVD (2010) $34.95

Chasing Legends DVD


“There is no greater sporting event in all of cycling than the Tour de France. Chasing Legends touches on the rich history, passion and true grit of The Tour as seen through the eyes of Team HTC Columbia along with commentary from Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen, Eddy Merckx, Lance Armstrong and some of the sports most prolific heros.”




Road ID Bracelet from $15.99 to $29.99

The Wrist ID Sport is the perfect piece of gear for every athlete. Like all our IDs, it can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information. It comes standard with two 3M reflective stripes to enhance your visibility when training in the dark. The Wrist ID Sport is available in six colors and both Original and Interactive versions.

Firefly Supernova $15.99

Supernova Bike


The Supernova Bike available from RoadID, comes with a handy- dandy mount that allows you to easily attach it to your seat post or handlebars. This ultra-bright light will make sure you are seen by motorists or other riders from over a mile away. It features a lifetime LED bulb, flashing and steady modes and is waterproof. Available in Red, Blue, Green and Clear. Batteries included.



Camelbak Annadel $38 to $48

Camelbak AnnadelHydration Capacity: 50 oz (1.5 L)
Cargo Capacity: 153 cu in (2.5 L) + 1.5 L Reservoir
CamelBak® Got Your Bak Guarantee™:  If we built it, we’ll Bak it™ with our lifetime guarantee

Includes the new Antidote™ Reservoir—the ultimate cure for dehydration. Antidote features: Quick-seal cap, lightweight fillport, low-profile design, patented Big Bite™ Valve, HydroGuard™ technology, PureFlow™ tube, easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening

Additional Features: Front and back reflectivity, Key fob inside pocket

Designed to Carry: Ultra-light shell, multi-tool, trail maps, energy bars

Can be purchased on these websites. http://www.nextag.com/Camelbak-Women-s-Annadel-805445480/prices-html

Stocking Stuffers

Orontas plant-based bike care products

ORONTAS Plant-Based Lube $12

Plant-Based Lube features hardcore anti-corrosive and washout resistance that makes it perfect for all outdoor applications where you need to keep equipment and moving parts lubricated and protected. No matter on the trail or on the water you’re going to need a product that’s just going to get it done. Plant-Based Lube is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free. It will stop squeaks, displace moisture and the can shoots at all 360 degrees.

ORONTAS BikeCare Lubricant $12

BikeCare Lubricant is a high-performance chain oil for normal-to-wet conditions made from 100% sustainable sources designed to protect from rust, eliminate noise, and friction causing wear for a smoother, faster ride on trails and roads. BikeCare Lubricant is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free.

ORONTAS BikeCare Cleaner  $12

BikeCare Cleaner is designed to get you back out on your bike quickly and safely – without wasteful aerosols, harmful chemicals, high-volume soapy fluids or complicated chain-washing-machine-things. Simply spray and wipe BikeCare Cleaner to remove grime, dirt and oil from the chain. Highly efficient; there are 1000+ sprays in each bottle – over a year supply if you clean your chain weekly. BikeCare Cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free.

ORONTAS Waterproof Grease  $12

Waterproof Grease is about hardcore lubrication and washout resistance so it’s perfect for all outdoor applications such as bearings, threads and winches. Throw whatever you want at it, this grease is designed to repel water and stay where you left it. Waterproof Grease is non-toxic, and biodegradable. Orontas

Cobra Tire Tool  $6
Cobra Tire Tool


Cobra Tire Tool “The World’s Fastest Bicycle Tire Lever”. The Cobra Tire Tool will cut your downtime in half and get you back in action…FAST!



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