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January 09 Issue . . .

  • A Taste of Provence
    Last September, Kerry Guglielmin and her husband Phil, arrived in Avignon, France with a GPS, a tour book and their panniers. They cycled on rented bicycles through the picturesque villages, vineyards and ancient Roman ruins of Provence.
  • Weight-loss-Minus The Cravings
    A new study shows that starting your day off with the right food leads to easy weight-loss all day.
  • Cross-Training for Fitness — Dr. Gabe Mirkin
    Dr. Gabe Mirkin explains how cross-training increases your over-all fitness and prevents injuries.
  • Keep Fit This Winter
    For less than the cost of one spinning class get Diane Stibbard’s Keeping Fit In The Off Season—a four month cycling and weight training program. Sale ends January 18th, 2009.
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