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June 09 Issue . . .

  • Fat Broad On A Bike: Don’t Hide – Ride!
    Cyclists come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve been hanging out on the sidelines because you don’t think you fit the stereotype of a woman cyclist, Sheila Ascroft encourages you stop hiding and ride, and shows you how to get comfortable on and off the bike.
  • Tips For Safe Cycle Commuting
    For those of you who have decided to bike to work, certified CAN-BIKE instructor Jacqui Snyder tells you how to prepare for your commute, what to be aware of while cycling in traffic and how to stay safe.
  • Book Review: Bicycling For Women
    In Bicycling for Women, Gale Bernhardt, a USA Cycling Level I certified coach and USA Triathlon team coach at the 2004 Olympic Games, shares her expertise, with valuable female-specific information that you won’t find in other cycling books.
  • RoadGuardian – Protecting Cyclists and Saving Lives
    Ever had a close call on your bicycle on an unsafe section of road? You may have wished you could warn other cyclists of the danger. Now you can. Report dangerous cycling conditions on RoadGuardian. Find out what RoadGuardian is and how you can use it to protect yourself and other cyclists.
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