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May 09 Issue . . .

  • Planning Your Own Cycling Tour
    If you’re thinking of doing a cycling tour this summer, find out how to plan your own. Jacqui Snyder of Adventourus Active vacations outlines how to get your tour organized.
  • Women’s Cycling Clubs: Friendship, Support and Fun
    We get emails from women all across North America asking if we know of any women-specific cycling clubs. The fact is, women’s clubs are few and far between. We talked to Jenny Brown, the founder of BikeFit Sunflower Squad, and Michelle Ward, the founder of FlyGurlz, to find out what motivated them to launch the only two OCA-affiliated women’s cycling clubs in Ontario.
  • CKAP Wants You! Canadian Kilometre Achiever Program
    If you like ticking off the kilometres and want some extra motivation to keep riding, then CKAP is just for you. Sheila Ascroft tells us what it is and how you can join.
  • Greg’s Law, Bill 126 “Ontario Road Safety Act” Passes Third Reading in Ontario Legislature
    Greg’s Law is named for Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Greg Stobbart, who was tragically killed while cycling. His widow, Eleanor McMahon, the founder of Share The Road Cycling Coalition, advocates strenuously for road safety. Find out what Greg’s Law is and how it will make the roads safer for Ontario cyclists.
  • Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike
    On May 31, the Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike event goes national. Learn how you can participate.
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