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October 09 Issue . . .

  • Tour de Minami Satsuma 2009
    English teacher Bo Causert, who has lived in Japan for the past 11 years, takes us on the Tour de Minami Satsuma and shares her experience of cycling in Japan.
  • How to Lubricate a Bicycle Chain
    It’s easy to slather oil all over your bike chain but doing that just attracts more dirt. This article shows you how to lubricate your bicycle chain correctly.
  • Heather Pardon’s Cycling Adventures
    Heather continues her adventures in the Rockie Mountains, cycling through Rogers Pass and exploring Savona, which is located further to the west, in the heart of the Canadian desert.
  • Cycling in the Off-Season
    The days are shorter and it’s cooler. It’s often raining. Does that mean you have to stop cycling outside? No way! Jacqui Snyder shows you how to have a safer, more comfortable fall ride.
  • Bike Train Offers Cyclists Easy Access on Trains
    The Bike Train Initiative is expanding the number of routes that VIA rail offers for cyclists and their bikes. Find out where they’re going next.

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