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Cycling To The Inauguration

Cycling to Obama's inaugurationOn January 20th The Washington Area Bicyclist Association will do their bit to make the inauguration of Barack Obama a “green” event. By setting up free bike valet parking services on the north and south side of the mall leading up to the area where Obama will be sworn in, they hope to encourage people to leave their cars at home and cycle to the event. Their goal: reduce traffic gridlock and pollution.

“We are expecting a large number (of bicycles) but it will all depend on the weather,” said the group’s program assistant, Henry Mesias. “We already did it for the Democratic convention in Denver. We handled 1,600 bicycles.”

A long list of roads, parks and bridges will be closed in Washington to secure the city during the 4 day event. With record breaking crowds estimated between 2 and 5 million people the smart money for getting around Washington during this historic event is on the trusty bicycle.

Laurel-Lea Shannon

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