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Princess Promenade Takes on Tour de France with Tour de Fashion

“The Tour de France is the biggest cycling event in the world, but where are the women?” asks Janaé Noble, founder of the Princess Promenade, the largest cycling event for women & girls in the country, staged in Sacramento, California.

While the pros in the Tour de France are pumping their legs full of lactic acid and screaming down the French Alps, women all around the U. S. are quietly sewing tulle and sequins to helmet covers and practicing bike etiquette for the grandest cycling event around, the Princess Promenade.

Princess Promenade Cycling EventHow do you get women out of their cars and on to their bikes? “Let them dress up like Princesses.” Janae Noble, a fitness professional and cycling coach founded the event in 2007 as a way to reach women who have been sidelined from sports and help them enjoy cycling for the beauty, fitness, and stress reduction, not just the competitive aspect.

Named by Bicycling Magazine as one of the Top 5 Rides in the country, the Princess Promenade attracts cyclists from Alaska to Vermont and from every corner of California. Riders can choose from several distances – the Princess Jasmine 5k Ride & Treasure Hunt, Princess Grace 15 mile, Lady Di 26 mile, Double Di 55 mile, or 64 mile Metric Century Princess Challenge and Time Trial. The event is conducted along a beautiful, world-class bike trail that winds along the American River Parkway bike trail on Sunday, October 4, 2009 in Sacramento, California. There are NO CARS on the paved bike trail for the entire 64-mile route. The contest for best costume, vintage bike, and most eclectic rider, add to the fun.
Princess Promenade

The Princess Promenade includes a Saturday night dinner party and Cyclestyle Fashion Show to demonstrate the “cycle chic” side of bicycling. Held at the host hotel, Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza, this event will show women that biking to work or school, in heels or suits, in rain or shine, all are possible! Whatever the occasion, bicycling is the new way to get around Sacramento. Cycling is not just “exercise”; it is a viable, fun, and stylish mode of transportation.

Princess promenade Sacremento, CaliforniaBut, what about the guys?
When asked by Sacramento Sports Commission executive director John McCasey, “What about a Prince Promenade?” Janae just laughed. “What do you think the Amgen Tour of California is? If that’s not a Prince Promenade, I don’t know what is!” Guys are welcome to support their lady in this unique event. We see princes, dragons, and knights in shining armor! But the ride is designed for the ladies.

Noble partnered with four local charities to use the event as a fundraising platform for their own causes. WEAVE, Team Donate Life, Cure Breast Cancer.Org, and Running School leverage the event to build awareness and support for their own organizations. The mission for the Princess Promenade, however, is obesity prevention. “Ride your bike, you’re exercising. And that does more than a pound of cure.

ABOUT NOBLE PURSUIT, INC – Noble Pursuit, Inc. is a personal fitness and online training company specializing in performance nutrition and lifetime fitness programs for men and women. Noble Pursuit offers bike skills and fitness training throughout the year leading up to the annual Princess Promenade held the first Sunday in October in Sacramento to Folsom, CA. The Princess Promenade is a registered service mark of Noble Pursuit, Inc, © 2006, State of California.

ABOUT JANAE NOBLE – Janaé Noble BA, CSCS, is certified with the National Strength & Conditioning Association as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. She is a recognized fitness expert and contributes fitness advice to local media outlets. She can be reached at www.NoblePursuitInc.com or [email protected]

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