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Tour For Kids

Tour for KidsAfter completing three epic cycling trips to Austin, Texas and raising over $1.5 million for various cancer charities across North America, GIVETOLIVE, in partnership with the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is announcing a local 3-day cycle around the beautiful Cabot Trail to fund programs for childhood cancer. GIVETOLIVE’s Tour For Kids aims to attract 100 cyclists for a 350KM cycle around one of the world’s most scenic and breathtaking cycling routes. Departing August 5, 2011 from Baddeck, NS, the event will include daily cycles that range from 90 KM to 160 KM. Following the daily rides, riders will be able to participate in such activities as stunning mountainside hiking, beach parties, camping, whale watching, and great local music. For more information on this event please visit www.givetolive.ca.

“We received overwhelming feedback from past participants that it was time to do something local,” said event organizer, Ashley Ward. “Our goal this year is to create an event that is more inclusive without sacrificing the sense of inspiration and achievement that one gets from accomplishing something this big.”

Tour for KidsIn the last 4 years, GIVETOLIVE has inspired more than 150 riders to participate in various cycles for all skill levels. “Almost half of our riders were beginners when they signed up. All it took was the courage to take that first step, the passion to join the war on cancer, and the heart to just keep pedaling,” said volunteer Todd McDonald. “You can’t pay for the type of emotion you will experience on a ride like this. It changes you in ways that are hard to describe. Everyone needs an adventure like this at least once in their lifetime.”

Participating riders must raise a minimum of $1,000, love a good adventure, and be capable of cycling 100kms per day. Participation is subject to a $159 registration fee, which covers the rider’s event costs. GIVETOLIVE will donate 100 per cent of the funds raised in this year’s event to three organizations providing support for those living with and beyond paediatric cancer.

Tour for Kids• Camp Goodtime – Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
• The Lions Sick Children’s Fund, New Brunswick
• Camp Delight, Newfoundland

GIVETOLIVE is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization dedicated to ending unnecessary disease and illness by inspiring people to lead healthy and happy lives through exercise, altruism, and achieving the extraordinary. Learn more at www.givetolive.ca.

GIVETOLIVE has partnered with The Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation to present the Tour For Kids event. Coast to Coast aims to create a series of high quality, physically challenging, national and regional events to raise needed funding for worthy childhood cancer charities whose programs improve the survival rate and quality of life in children impacted by cancer. Learn more at www.coasttocoastagainstcancer.org or www.tourforkids.com.

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