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13 comments to Instant Survey

  • Dave scalpello

    Our 2hr. Twice a week group sessions on our bikes with trainers really do the trick for staying in road ready shape.
    Trainer is much better than spin.
    But the group environment is soooooo important as motivator.

  • If dog approaches me I use HALT spray it work pretty good. I love cycle I’m alway riding by self.

  • Rosemary

    Riding alone and changing tires got me thinking about a recent conversation I had with female cyclist training for her first half ironman. She wanted to ride with me because she knew I did long distance rides 100-200 km. I found out she was nervous riding alone. I told her that I wear a Spot Personal locator and my cell. Spot operates via gps so if you lose your cell network and you have a problem you have a couple levels of help available. I can send a message to let family know I am ok, or I need to be picked up or I can send a message that I am in a serious situation and need someone asap which can include evacuation by helicopter. And my family can check where I am anytime on the computer without the fear of no cell signal. I don’t represent the company. I use it for hiking as well. If you are riding like I do may I suggest you check it out. I don’t go without it.

  • Barbara St. James

    I love to cycle alone but I am quite fearful of dogs. Any words of wisdom?

    • LS

      Hi Barbara,

      That’s an issue with me too. Generally if a dog approaches I tell it to “Go Home!” in a loud, authoritative voice. That usually works. One time I had to get off my bike and use it as a barrier from two, quite vicious dogs. Luckily the owner came out and called them away. If I know where the dogs are on my route I’ll often just cycle real fast to get by them. Most dogs are just trying to protect their turf. But they can be dangerous to cyclists.


  • Gail

    I love getting your magazine and find your info very useful.

    Not sure if you can help, but I plan on buying a new bike and debating 26″ or the 29er. We do a lot of off trail riding and only been cycling 2 seasons. I am in my 60’s and want to upgrade to dual suspension but now pondering the 29er. Any comments!!

  • Lorelle

    This is not a reply but a comment. I live in the Northwest. It seems it is cold 7 months out of the year anymore. My local gym was selling their spin bikes for a 100 dollars because they were going to replace them. I bought one. I put on music and pretend I am riding in the summer. It gets me through till I can ride my roadbike again.

  • Rosemary

    Check out Westside Rec Centre in Calgary if you are able to take in a class, most are drop in, get there a bit early and you will get a bike. Shamino clips. We would love to see you.

  • Rosemary

    Our cycling studio has 60 bikes with cadence, power meters and best of all virtual rides from around the world showing grades on hills graph, timed climbs, range of effort to match the videos. Great when you live in a cold climate. We haved dimmed lights, layered levels for the bikes so like a theatre. Really cool. Good instructors as well and about 35 classes a week.

  • Holly

    If you really want to know how folks keep fit during the winter, you should have more options. Some of us live in an area where you can ride on the roads in the winter, so you could have the option of saying neither, I road ride, or maybe neither, I mountain bike. Some folks might cross train instead, so it could be neither, I cross train.

    • LS

      Hi Holly,

      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve amended the survey with another choice “I do something else”. The question about trainers and spin classes fits in with the subject of Diane’s article, but we’ll do another instant survey on a more general question about how folks keep fit in the winter. Best, Laurel-Lea

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