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Be Seen: Firefly Belt From Road ID

Firefly belt from Road IDTo make the roads safer for cyclists, advocates in Canada and the U.S. are lobbying for changes like the 1 metre passing law (3 feet) and greater motorist accountability. So it behooves all of us to make sure we know and follow the rules of the road, and cycle as safely as possible. Anything that makes you more visible while cycling maximizes the chance that motorists will see you, and reduces the possibility of a collision with a car.

That’s why RoadID got going. Safety for athletes is its mission. Co-owners Mike Wimmer (father) and Edward (son) started RoadID after Edward had a close encounter with a truck while out training for a marathon. Despite his father’s warnings, Edward wasn’t wearing any ID, flashing lights or bright clothing. After that near-miss, Mike and Edward started RoadID. Their first product was safety bracelets—these include your ID and contact information on a small band of stainless steel. The business has expanded to include other safety products for athletes, one of which is the Firefly Belt.

While lime green isn’t high fashion, you can see it a mile away and you’re safer wearing it. But no one wants a closet full of fluorescent green jerseys, vests and jackets. With the Firefly belt you don’t have to choose safety over style. You can have both. Wear what you want, clip the Firefly belt on and you can be seen at a distance from behind and in front. And if your ride happens to keep you out past dark, the reflective stripe will let motorists know they’ve got to share the road with you. (But remember, the law states that you must have rear and front lights when you cycle after dark.) You can wear the comfortable reflective belt while running or walking too.

The Firefly belt is adjustable and fits women size 2 to 21. It costs $12.99. If you don’t have a RoadID bracelet yet, consider picking one of those up too. RoadID’s line of safety products make good Christmas gifts for loved ones, and they could just save a life.

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