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Bontrager Short-sleeve Race WSD Jersey

By Victoria Laube

Bontrager Short-sleeve Race WSD Jersey When it comes to clothing, I don’t jump at the latest fashion colours and styles.  I prefer attire that fits well, feels comfortable and looks classy, just like the Bontranger Race Jersey.

The jersey, size small, fit exceptionally well. This is probably because all of my measurements are within, or very close, to the size ranges given on the back label of the garment: bust 84 to 86 cm (I’m 86 with a tight pull), waist  66-71 cm (I’m 71), and hips 89-94 (I’m 88). These ranges, as opposed to the generic sizing of small, medium and large, give consumers a clearer understanding of how a garment will actually fit.

As for comfort, not only is the top made of fabric that is soft and light to the touch, it’s advertised as a PROFILA  DRY and POWER product. The former is explained as breathable; the latter is not explained! I looked up the product on-line: PROFILA:  DRY means the jersey is made of “material that wicks moisture and dries quickly”;  POWER means it’s made of “compressive fabrics engineered to support muscles and fight fatigue”.  The compressive fabrics are found in the sleeves. I really wonder if anyone will notice less muscle fatigue in their arms and shoulders as a result of wearing this shirt on long and arduous bicycle rides? I sure didn’t!

What I did notice though was the dry part. In summer I prefer sleeveless tops; less material to perspire into and get wet. Surprisingly, or perhaps I should say as advertised, the shirt kept me dry and comfortable. Interestingly it’s labelled as part of a warm weather collection; I have yet to try it during cooler conditions.

The shirt is well made—the seams are thoroughly finished and the zippers all pull  cleanly. As with most cycling shirts, attention had been given to detail — black plastic squares stamped with the Bontrager logo adorn the heads of the zipper sliders.

The jersey is black with white side panels, a classic colour combination, never out of style. The white however is very bright white. The first day I wore the top I had to adjust my chain and inevitably smeared grease onto both white panels. After several washings the stains although duller, still persist.  Also, I’ve noticed a pull on one of the back pockets even though I’m careful with my clothes and even though I’ve always followed the laundering instructions — wash on gentle cycle and then line dry.

The back three pockets of the jersey are substantial and the additional zipped one, is a bonus. The garment’s bottom elasticized scallop is obviously made to prevent ride-up.  The jersey doesn’t ride up, but then, I’ve never had a biking top that did.

Now if by chance you’re not satisfied with the product, Bontrager offers an  “UNCONDITIONAL.COMFORT.GUARANTEE.”. So sure are they that the jersey is  “the most comfortable technical wear you’ll ever own” the company  guarantees that if within 30 days of purchasing the item you are not fully satisfied, you can get –  a full money back refund?  Unfortunately not.  What you can get though is a store credit or an exchange. Oh well.  At least you’re not stuck with something you’ll never wear!

Price: $72.99 CAN

Victoria Laube, a potter and writer, lives in Lanark County near Fallbrook. She regularly cycles on the Bennett Lake Road, and is quickly and happily approaching three score.

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