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Bouré Bicycle Shorts

By Laurel-Lea Shannon

Unless you’re from Colorado, you may never have heard of Bouré Bicycle Clothing. It was started in 1988 by Drew Bourey, a bicycle racer looking for a way to earn a living in the sport he loved. A small local company, Bouré Bicycle Clothing designs, tests, and sews all its clothing at in Durango, Colorado, USA.

Bouré is committed to making the highest quality clothing. And that’s not just sales talk. They guarantee it. Recently, I tested two Bouré handcrafted bicycle shorts for women, Women’s Pro shorts and Women’s Elite Shorts.

Women’s Pro Shorts
Boure Women's Pro ShortsIf you don’t like cycling shorts made from high compression fabric, Bouré’s Women’s Pro shorts are for you. Made from mid-weight PRO lycra® fabric, they fit snugly without compressing, which, depending on the shape of your legs, makes bulging less likely. The Pro shorts have a matte-finish and an ultrasuede chamois. The concept behind the ultrasuede chamois is that artificial leather acts like a real leather chamois—staying moist and providing natural lubrication. I’m not sold on that theory. At 5mm thick, I found the insert too thin for longer rides (70–100 km or 42–60 miles) but fine for shorter rides or sightseeing tours. But the Women’s Pro shorts get full points for comfort if you’re not going long. On and off the bike they’ll make you look and feel like a pro. For women who want some choice in colour besides the usual basic black, the shorts also come in royal blue and red. They cost $90.00.

Women’s Elite Shorts
boure-eliteI’ve been trying to figure out what makes these Elite bicycle shorts the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Is it the enhanced 8-panel design? Probably not—many shorts have that feature. It can’t be the flat waist elastic or the 1 inch gripper leg elastic. Hmmm . . . off the bike they look like other shorts, but on the bike they feel like they were custom-made for me. Maybe it’s the material they’re made from—the compression-support action elite nylon/lycra® (that’s a mouthful). Or is it the articulated hip design that mirrors your cycling position? Or could it be the 6mm 4-way stretch elastic padded chamois—imported from Italy—that stays put no matter how long you ride?

It’s all these design features that make Bouré’s Elite shorts move with you like a second skin on the bike. And off the bike? They’ll impress your cycling buddies.

You might think that handcrafted shorts that are designed, tested, and sewn in the US would cost more than other shorts, which are often manufactured in China. Not so. At $105, Bouré Women’s Elite Shorts cost less than many other high-end bicycle shorts you’ll find at your local bike shop.

Additional Perks from Bouré
Bouré also offers custom-fit sizing (all for a relatively small fee of 25% over the regular price of the shorts). That’s not something you’re going to get anywhere else at these prices.

Both the Women’s Pro and Elite shorts are available with a bib top. For pregnant cyclists, there’s a bib top version that eliminates the waist band. After, they’ll remove the bib and put the regular waist band elastic back in for free.

Each type of short comes with a specific chamois pad but if, after trying various models of shorts, you prefer a different chamois, Bouré will substitute chamois inserts for free.

Bouré will bend over backwards to make sure you’ve got what you want and need to be as comfortable as possible on the bike. These are bicycle shorts made by cyclists for cyclists. That adds up to a big difference in options, quality, and service.

Check them out at Bouré Bicycle Clothing.

2 comments to Bouré Bicycle Shorts

  • ann

    I love the chamois & the fit of the shorts. They have excellent customer service. If the Boure folks would use a slighter denser lycra, then these would be a 10 in my book.

  • Amy

    I’m a fan
    I have used their shorts on double centuries and had no complaints and because I have dealt with heat rash due to tight elastic I had them make me a few pairs without upper leg elastic they still stay put but I don’t get heat rash.

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