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Bouré Women’s Elite Thermo Tights

Bouré Women’s Elite Thermo TightsCold weather rides are a breeze in these snug and comfy tights. With their enhanced 8-panel design and articulated hips and knees, Bouré’s Elite Thermo Tights fit like they’re custom-made, on and off the bike.

The Teflon-treated ThermoRoubaix fleece lycra is so soft it feels like you’ve slipped on a pair of cozy fleece pants. But don’t be fooled by the good looks and comfort of these tights. The thermal-weight polyester/nylon/lycra blend fabric is built to handle cold weather conditions, best suited for a temperature range between -4º C and 13º C (25º F- 55º F). I tested them on a windy day when the temperature was 5º C (40º F), and my legs were toasty.

As well as keeping you warm, the cycling tights can withstand light moisture and dry snow. The fabric is treated with Teflon High-Tech Fabric Protector®, which repels road grime. Nine-inch zippers keep them snug around your ankles and make them easy to pull on and off.

Women’s Elite Thermo Tights are designed without a chamois so they can be worn over a pair of cycling shorts. Saves on washing! It also provides the additional benefit of multi-tasking for other sports like running and cross-country skiing. But if you do want the chamois, you can order the tights with Boure’s 4-Way Stretch Elastic Elite Chamois. At a cost of $125 US, these tights are a must-have for fall and winter cycling (add $25 with chamois).

Bouré Bicycle Clothing was started in 1988 by Drew Bourey, a bicycle racer looking for a way to earn a living in the sport he loved. A small local company, Bouré Bicycle Clothing designs, tests, and sews all its clothing at in Durango, Colorado, USA. www.boure.com

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