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Chamois Creams: Soothe Your Butt – Part 2

By Sheila Ascroft

Since my first review, many readers have recommended other chamois creams so I’ve put some more to the test. Any cream has to be better than trying what pro riders did in the old days – sticking a slab of raw meat inside their shorts to soothe their butt!

As mentioned previously, a chamois (sham-me) cream moisturizes the skin to prevent friction and helps prevent hot spots. Some also contain antibacterial agents, such as witch hazel help ward off infection.

Generally, all you need is a quarter­-size dab to apply (generously) wherever body meets chamois. Repeat as necessary. Although most suggest putting the cream directly on your skin, I and other women cyclists have found that it is most effective if you also apply it to the chamois pad too. On really long or wet rides, it will last longer, which means your butt will stay happier longer.

Hoo Ha Ride GlideHoo Ha Ride Glide

This one comes highly recommended and now I know why. It was formulated by women for women.

I’m now a convert to Hoo Ha.

I just completed 100 km in the wind and rain and never once thought about my butt. Usually after a couple of hours, I start squirming if I don’t re-apply some chamois cream. However, Hoo Ha stood up to wet shorts and half a day in the saddle. According to the manufacturer’s blurb, Hoo Ha “protects your most girlie parts from infection, chafing, friction burns, irritation, inflammation and saddle sores. Provides healing silky feel and a lasting coolness so you enjoy the ride.” And you know what – it does!

It is not mayonnase-thick like Chamois Butt’r or Assos, but it has staying power. It also has a nice scent and is made from biologicals such as eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender oils, sandalwood and barley extracts, rather than  harmful chemicals like parabens. It has worked better for me than the DZ Bliss.

Price: $24.95 for 8 oz. (236 ml.)
Info: http://www.triboutique.ca/Hoo-Ha-Ride-Glide-by-Reflect-Sports-s/2011.htm


Udderly SMOOth 

Udderly Smooth


First thing I noticed was that this cream really smelled nice and that it felt like an expensive facial moisturizer. So I was surprised to find that it was originally developed for use on dairy cows’ udders, to be applied by farmers when milking. I bet there are a lot of happy cows out there cycling!

Without that cooling or tingling effect, I never even noticed the cream after applying it to one lower cheek. Yes, I deliberately left one cheek au naturel to see if this stuff really worked. (Even though it was developed with the input of Elite women athletes, it  just seemed too much like a nice face cream). Well, I soon noticed there was a difference —a big one. Even on just a 50 km  (30 mile) ride on a very humid day, one cheek felt hot and irritated while the other didn’t. Use it and you can enjoy more saddle time and still smell good!

While it contains lanolin and shea butter, it also has parabens. Still if it is safe enough for a cow’s udder….

Price: $7.50 /8 oz. (great price compared to others)

Info: www.udderlysmooth.com/cycling-chamois.shtml


AssosI’ve included Assos because it is well-known in professional cycling circles as one of THE best chamois creams. I found the cream to felt like soft lard and its menthol to be a tad too cool and tingly, but then I’m not riding multi-day races or events. If you are, you might want to try this. Other testers report that “the cream rubs in easily and comes out of pads cleanly.” However some riders say they needed to reapply after two or three hours in the saddle, especially on hot or wet days. Also, it does contains parabens (antifungal and anti-bacterial chemicals used as preservatives, often found in cosmetics, that can mimic estrogen). Assos costs more than other creams.

One thing I must mention is that Assos makes a skin repair gel that is fantastic. It really kept the irritation down and I felt like my skin was healing. This would be a great product to carry on any multi-day rides.

Price: $22/5 oz.
Info: assos.com

That’s it for now. I plan to do some more long rides and see how Udderly Smooth my butt can be! If you want any other chamois creams tested send it your suggestions.


2 comments to Chamois Creams: Soothe Your Butt – Part 2

  • Diana Murphy

    Interested in the Hoo Ha Ride Glide. Do you know whether it is available in UK?
    Great to receive these newsletters.
    Best wishes

  • Courtney

    I think these reviews are great! Kudos for doing them, out of curiosity what shorts or bibs are you wearing when testing the creams out, are you using the same shorts and/or chamois when testing different creams? do you find that the shorts themselves play a role? also I am curious what saddle you use and how you think that plays into the equation also.
    Thanks again for doing this, this is awesome:)

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