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ELITE Reverse Prima Jacket

Pearl iZUMi-Women's ELITE Reverse Prima JacketWearing the ELITE Reverse Prima jacket on a cold day (-5˚C/20˚F) I marvel that a jacket this light can be so warm. How does Pearl iZUMi do it? For starters they use a barrier fabric with Primaloft® that’s both super-light and toasty-warm. The Elite barrier blocks the icy wind, keeping it outside where it should be. The jacket is designed for temperatures between -9˚C (15˚F) and 1.6˚C (35˚F), making it a good choice for women who live in climes where winter temperatures hover around freezing.

To be comfortable in the jacket at the lower temperature range you’ll have to put on additional layers underneath. With the ELITE Reverse Prima jacket, that’s not a problem. The semi-form-fit allows room for base layers and heavier long-sleeved jerseys. But don’t worry, that extra roominess doesn’t make for a sloppy fit. The jacket tapers down from the shoulders to a snug fit on the hips, so when you move on the bike it doesn’t travel but stays put, keeping you well covered from your neck to your lower back. The sleeves are designed to be longer on the top of the wrist, providing optimal coverage between the jacket and your gloves. There’s one large back-zippered pocket. Because the jacket is so light it packs well for travel.

And if all those features don’t impress you there’s something else. The Women’s ELITE Reverse Prima jacket is really two jackets in one because it’s reversible. Available in six bright colours: true red, pink punch, orchid, peacock, safety orange, and white—all jackets reverse to black.

I have one caution. Check the sizing carefully. With Pearli ZUMi I sometimes have to size up. The sizing goes from XXS to XXL. If your measurements fall at the upper end of the sizing chart for your size, consider ordering one size up.

Bottom line: Great value for a reasonable price.

Price: $160 US

ELITE Reverse Prima Jacket from Pearl iZUMi

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