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Pearl iZUMi – P.R.O. Leader Jersey

Pearl-Izumi- pro-jerseyFrom the moment you slip it on, you can feel the quality that’s gone into making this jersey. Not only is it attractive but it’s durable, with features you won’t find in other jerseys such as laser-cut Direct Vent ventilation panels under the arms, 3 in 2 back pockets with a hidden zipper, plus a stash pocket and sublimated graphics that won’t wash off.

Like the other products we’ve tested from Pearl iZUMi, this jersey is a perfect balance between style and function. Made from 91% nylon and 9% elastane, the form-fitting body of the P.R.O. Leader jersey is soft and light and provides a SPF of 50+. The silky white sleeves are made from 80% polyester and 20% elastane provide a SPF of 40+. Both fabrics use Pearl iZUMi’s In-R-Cool® technology, keeping you dry and cool on the bike while protecting you from the sun.

The jersey has a full-length zipper and an elasticized gripper on the back that keeps the hem in place. The 3 in 2 pockets is a clever design feature, making the maximum use out of a small space. Rather than having three small back pockets— it’s a regular beef of mine that women’s jerseys usually have three tiny back pockets that you can barely get your hand into—Pearl iZUMi has designed two medium-size pockets with a smaller third breathable mesh pocket that could fit a cell phone or energy bar. On a layer beneath the two medium-size pockets, a hidden zipper reveals a third large pocket that spans them both—a classy, brilliant replacement  for tiny back pockets that just don’t work.

Pearl-Izumi- pro-jerseyWhat’s the jersey like to ride in? It fits like a second skin, staying in place no matter how you move on the bike. At $165 US, the P.R.O. Leader jersey is pricey, but if you’re looking for, and can afford, an exceptional well-tailored cycling jersey, look no farther.

Colours: blk/wht/red, blk/wht/yellow, red/wht/blk

Price: $165 USD

Bottom Line: Exceptional!

Pearl iZUMi

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