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Pearl iZUMi P.R.O. Leader Short

Make it a Set

Pearl-iZUMi-pro-short reviewThe matching P.R.O. Leader short has the same good looks and comfortable fit as the P.R.O. Leader jersey. The fabric, made with In-R-Cool® technology, keeps you dry and provides optimal sun protection (50+SPF).

Pearl-iZUMi-pro-short reviewWomen who have chafing problems because of cycling shorts rather than bike fit may want to give these shorts a try. I haven’t found a better chamois thanPearliZUMi’s seamless 13mm 4D Chamois®. Its variable density padding is thickest at the back where your sit bones are and then gradually tapers off towards the front of the chamois, leaving your nether regions well-padded exactly where they need to be.

The P.R.O. Leader short is suitable for the serious cyclist or racer who spends long hours training in the saddle. Specially designed for race performance, the shorts are gripper free for a more comfortable fit. A four-inch hem replaces the gripper. The right hem has a tiny concealed pocket big enough for one gel pack. At nine inches long, the shorts provide additional compression for the legs, reducing on-bike fatigue and improving speed and endurance.

Pearl-iZUMi-pro-short reviewHow do they perform on the bike? You won’t even feel your saddle. Save this outfit for those 100 +km (60+ miles) rides when endurance counts. Whether or not you ride like a pro, these shorts and the matching jersey will make you feel like one.

Colours: blk/wht/red, blk/wht/yellow

Price: $165

Bottom line: Love them!

Pearl iZUMi

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