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Pearl iZUMi PRO Pittards® Gel Gloves

Pearl iZUMi PRO Pittards Gel GlovesI have a problem with overpadded, heavy gloves that attach at the wrist with a Velcro strap. They tend to make my hands sweat and swell in hot weather, eventually leading to numb hands at some point in my ride. But happily I didn’t encounter any of those features with this glove. Pearl iZUMi’s PRO Pittards Gel Gloves are light, with excellent ventilation and superior protection for the ulnar (near your little finger) and median nerves (near your thumb). That means your hands won’t hurt, go numb or get overheated.

Pearl iZUMi has done away with the Velcro strap, replacing it with an elastic material inserted at the wrist that stretches to allow you to take the gloves on and off easily while still keeping the fit snug.

Pearl iZUMi PRO Pittards Gel GlovesIn case you’re wondering, as I did, what Pittards® refers to, it’s an advanced leather product from the UK that is very soft and durable. The palm of the glove is made from this material, minimizing bunching and maximizing grip comfort on the handlebars. Pittards’ leather is water-resistant and doesn’t absorb the sweat from your palm. This sweat-resistant property keeps the leather dry, soft and comfortable no matter how many times the gloves get wet.

The back mesh of the glove is made of 46% polyester, 26% polyamide, 16% spandex, and 12% Minerale™ polyester, which help keep your hands cool and dry. The cute lime-green Pearl iZUMi logo that adorns the back of the glove is made from a soft rubber material, rather than a reflective decal, which means it won’t deteriorate after a few washings. The leather palm is also decorated with mini logos stamped into the material, enhancing the grip.

There’s a nifty pull-off tab on the ring finger of each glove. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that until just now, and I see that while pulling the gloves off I’ve managed to rip off the stretchy material at the wrist on the right glove. I’ll need to sew that back on after I finish the review.

I love these gloves. With one exception. Even after several washings, the black dye from the leather comes off on my palms during rides. Not a big deal. Except that… when I stop for coffee or a snack with my cycling buddies it looks like I’ve got bruised or dirty hands. I find it odd that with everything else so right about the gloves, Pearl iZUMi didn’t notice that detail.

Bottom line: A great pair of gloves at a reasonable price. But I could do without the leather-stained hands.

Price: $45 US

Colours: black, white/black

Pearl iZUMi PRO Pittards® Gel Gloves

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