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RL WSD Fusion GelFoam Glove

Bontrager RL WSD Fusion GelFoam GloveYou don’t need to sacrifice femininity to have a robust glove that protects your hands on the bike. The RL WSD Fusion GelFoam Gloves from Bontrager does both. With its multi-coloured top mesh—available in white, black or mint green—Fusion GelFoam gloves are sleek looking but with a sturdy design for optimal comfort.

Much of that comfort comes from their ergonomic design. Multi-padded sections cover the length of the thumb and the width of the palm. Two additional pads at the top of the palm protect the backside of the knuckles. As a result, these gloves help eliminate hand discomfort, numbness and fatigue.

The three-piece articulated palm also includes venting along the palm and fingers. Add to that the top mesh fabric and the fast-dry fabric that joins the front and back sections of the glove fingers together, and you’ve got excellent ventilation. Makes a huge difference on hot days in the saddle.

RL WSD Fusion GelFoam Gloves kept my hands comfortable even on long rides. If you suffer from numb hands when you cycle and you’ve eliminated bike fit problems, these gloves from Bontrager may be your solution. Price $35 US

Bottom line: Excellent value.

RL WSD Fusion GelFoam Glove

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