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Rudy Project’s Sterling Fluorescent Helmet: Be Bold. Be Seen.

Rudy Project sterling fluorescent helmetWhen you shop for a cycling helmet you want comfort, safety and style. Rudy Project’s Sterling fluorescent helmet has all three, in spades. Wear a Rudy Project Sterling fluorescent helmet and you’ll be seen—not only by motorists but by envious cycling buddies too.

Designed with a perfect balance of function and style, the Sterling fluorescent helmet fits your noggin like a kid glove. It’s as comfortable as one too. Weighing in at just 349 grams (12 oz), it’s so light that you won’t even notice it on your head.


For a helmet to keep you safe it’s got to fit you properly. Adjusting the Sterling helmet is a cinch. To get a snug, comfortable fit you incrementally dial-in the micrometric disc at the back. Its reinforced runners allow for tiny, smooth adjustments. A removable, washable pad covers the back adjustment panel— another feature that adds to your comfort.

If you need to adjust the side straps there are two clip-in clasps to do that. The chin strap has a standard one-click clasp with another removable, washable 3 1/2 inch strip of padding that protects your chin from the clasp. It’s the attention to these small details that make the Sterling Fluo helmet special.

Rudy Project’s Sterling helmet is so easy to adjust you can even do it while riding your bike. Mine was a tad tight after adjusting it to accommodate a skull cap. While cycling, I reached back with one hand to dial the micrometric disc one notch looser. Voila! Instant comfort.


The In-Mold technology forms a seamless impact protection grid, making the helmet more resistant and lighter than helmets made using traditional methods.

You want that impact protection if you take a spill, but being seen by motorists is equally important for your safety on the bike. The Sterling helmet comes in three bold, fluorescent colours: pink, green and yellow—ensuring you’ll be seen clearly at a distance.

Additional Goodies

Rudy Project Sterling Fluo Helmet reviewVentilation: With 18 air vents designed to pull air through the helmet, its ventilation is excellent, keeping your head cool and comfortable even on hot summer days.

Bug net: If you happen to live in an area that has a variety of flying insects and bugs that occasionally find their way into your helmet, you’ll love the optional built-in bug net panel. It prevents bugs from getting in through the front vents, to bite, sting and distract you. Another nice touch.

Washable paddings: Washable paddings line the inside of the helmet. Made of a new non-allergic and antiperspiration pile fabric, the washable paddings add to your comfort while protecting the helmet from the corrosive effects of sweat.

Eyewear docking system: For those of you who have a tendency to lose track of your cycling glasses at the cafe, ice-cream shop or convenience store you stop at, Rudy Project’s Sterling fluorescent helmet has an eyewear docking system. It keeps your glasses snug and safe on the top of your helmet, till you need them again.

Bottom Line: Highly recommended!

Price: $254 US  http://www.rudyprojectusa.com

(Certifications: CE 89/686 EEC, EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, AS/NZS 2063)


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