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Specialized BG RBX Short

Specialized BG RBX short womenThe first thing I noticed about these shorts was the proper fit. I ordered a size small and that’s what I got, and they fit—as they should. I didn’t have to second-guess or size up or down as I’ve had to with other brands. The next thing I noticed was the leg gripper. A lot of cycling shorts have super-tight gripper bands. Of course, you don’t want cycling shorts drifting up your leg when you ride, but you also don’t want shorts with a circulation-impeding death grip on your leg. Specialized BG RBX shorts have an easy stretching, plush elastic gripper band with a light but firm touch.

The seamless and stretchable chamois in the BG RBX short offers more than adequate padding without being bulky. Its triple-density design has extra coverage on the thighs. The light-density surface covers the top part of the pad, reducing chafing, and the mid-density surface protects the soft tissue area. The high-density surface has two waffled pads that protect the sit bones.

Specialized BG RBX short womenI did three test rides of 30–68 km (18–40 miles) with these shorts. Why three rides? To test them with and without chamois cream. The first ride was really comfortable even without chamois cream but I only went 30 km (18 miles). The next ride was longer, 68 km (40 miles) so I used chamois cream. The shorts didn’t feel as comfortable. Hmmm . . . so I took them out again without the chamois cream just to confirm my first ride.

Some manufacturers don’t recommend the use of chamois cream, claiming the ingredients in the cream damage the chamois material, making it uncomfortable. But marketing manager Hannah Parish from Specialized Canada says, “All of our chamois can be worn with or without chamois cream. It is 100% personal preference.”

Even though the temperatures have been sizzling and the humidity high, I felt dry and comfortable in the BG RBX shorts. The reason they stay dry is because of a fabric that Specialized uses called VaporRize™, which wicks sweat away from your skin to the outer surface of the short, where it evaporates. This system works well.

The waistband on the shorts is wide, which adds greater support without clinging, or feeling too tight. These super comfortable shorts performed great on the bike and fit well from the leg gripper right through to the waistband. I plan to wear them on my next 120 km (72 miles) ride.

Bottom line: Excellent. If you’re planning any long cycling tours this summer, buy a pair. They are worth the investment.

Price: $135 US ($156.50 CND)

Specialized BG RBX Short



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