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Sweat GUTR™ – Eavestroughing for Your Head

Reviewed by Laurel-Lea Shannon

Sweat GUTRIf you cycle, you’re going to sweat—copiously, on hot summer days. Cycling apparel wicks sweat away from your body, which helps keep you cool and dry but what about your head and face? Well, that’s where sweatbands come in—if you’re a fan. I’m not.

Not only does a sweatband get soggy during sweaty rides but I find it also tends to slowly slide down from under my helmet until it anchors on the top of my ears, resting annoyingly on my eyebrows. No matter how many times I push it back up it stubbornly works its way down, time and time again. And it makes my ears stick out—so unattractive.

I had given up on sweatbands altogether, and just carried a small cloth to mop up my sweaty brow any time I stopped on the bike. But like sweat bands, small cloths have a low saturation threshold. So, when I heard about the Sweat GUTR™ —I was intrigued.

What is the Sweat GUTR?

Think of eavestroughing or a rain gutter for your head, and you’ll get the picture. Made from a soft and stretchy PVC material, the Sweat GUTR™  is super-light and just over ½ inch wide. Rather than absorbing sweat, it channels it away from your face. How does it do that? A gutter catches your sweat and sends it off to the side of your head where it drips off. It’s a clever product that sports a unique and creative solution to that old sweat-in-your-eyes problem. And, what’s better, it works!

Sweat GUTR

The Sweat GUTR™  keeps perspiration off your face, off your sunglasses and out of your eyes. It’s cool and comfortable to wear and it never gets soggy. Once I adjusted it so it was snug, I didn’t notice it at all during the ride. Unlike my experience with traditional sweatbands, it stayed put. And, it didn’t leave a ring around my head when I took it off. What’s not to like? I’m retiring my little cloth.

One Size Fits Most

The Sweat GUTR™ comes with three sturdy, elastic closure bands, small, medium and large. First, select the one that fits your head size. If you have a small head you choose the small band. Then feed the sweatband straps through the elastic band and fasten the headband securely with the Velcro straps so it’s snug, not tight.

After you’ve adjusted the Sweat GUTR™  to fit your head, just pull it on and off over your head each time you use it. Don’t do what I did and undo the Velcro strap to get it off. I promptly lost the closure band—a necessary component of the Sweat GUTR™—it won’t work without it. Believe it or not, I found the small band about a month later, 15 km from home where I had dropped it on the ground. How’s that for luck?

Easy Cleaning

To clean it hand wash with soap and warm water. The Sweat GUTR™ comes in Frost, Smoke, Burst (yellow—for fighting cancer). With every Burst Sweat GUTR™  purchased, a donation is made to support cancer research and awareness.

Price: $19.95     Sweat GUTR™

1 comment to Sweat GUTR™ – Eavestroughing for Your Head

  • susen-marie

    PVC is poison. the petroleum companies will be happy that you support their needless destruction of our mother earth. great idea for keeping the sweat away but what about a good ole cotton hankey that dries quickly or better yet the good ole finger swipe across your brow?!

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