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The CycleSkirt

The CycleSkirtThere are probably times when you’d rather not walk around in your cycling shorts. Maybe you want to get off your bike to explore a village, or stop for a coffee with your friends after a long ride, or attend a post-ride lunch, as I did in August when two of my cycling buddies celebrated birthdays. I wasn’t keen to do lunch wearing my cycling shorts but I also didn’t want to drag along a change of clothes. The solution? The CycleSkirt.The CycleSkirt

The CycleSkirt is a simple and very useful addition to any woman cyclist’s wardrobe. Made from polyester (92%) and Lycra (8%), it folds up small enough to fit comfortably in the back pocket of your jersey. Even better, it doesn’t wrinkle. Just pull on the 17″-long skirt over your cycling shorts and presto! you’re transformed from bike jockey to sports woman.

The CycleSkirt comes in two styles: the basic, which you wear over your shorts, and the ultra, which comes with attached panties for those times, such as after a long grueling cycling event, when you want to get out of your cycling shorts immediately.

The skirts come with a thin headband that does double duty as an elastic to keep the skirt safely wrapped. Available in black, royal, ruby red, grey, blue, pink and orchid, the basic skirt costs $34 (USD) and the ultra $38 (USD). You can order the CycleSkirt from www.cycleskirt.com.

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