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Tonik Beth Jersey, Black/Houndstooth

Reviewed by Gillian Scobie

tonik-black-houndstoothI reviewed Tonik’s Abbey tank last year and raved about it. It was a new direction for women’s cycling jerseys. The Beth is also extremely comfortable and measures up to Tonik’s high and innovative standards. For starters it’s got 50 SPF. It has meshed short-sleeves so you feel like you’re almost in a tank but with a bit more coverage. The mesh is breathable, moves easily with you and opens up the top of your arms to the breeze. This is a great advantage on hot days in that all-important armpit area where your top can get stuck and sweaty—especially for cycling, since you don’t move your arms around a lot. That doesn’t happen with this design. You move, you flow, the air flows. You’re all happy.

There are also generous mesh panels on the sides, 6 inches wide that extend from below the armpit section, right to the bottom. Good for wicking off sweat and cooling you down. The back comfortably covers the top back of your shorts, and it has gripper tape to keep it there. There are three large back pockets, easy to fit your whole hand in to get a bottle or snack without getting it stuck. And a zipper pocket in the middle for keys.

No big deal but… the only thing I don’t like about this jersey is the colour. It’s black! This is a strange colour for a cycling jersey. I consider the most important aspect of a jersey is visibility on the road. Especially in Lanark County where I cycle on secondary highways and cars and trucks are usually going at highway speeds. The hot pink accents help but it would be better to have a large block of bright colour that is visible from a distance. True, there are reflective zippers and trim and logos, which are great. But why not go all the way? I urge the wonderful women at Tonik to take up this challenge and add contrasting bright colours or one very bright (though still stylish, if possible) colour that is highly visible. There needn’t be any loss of style.

And of course I really like the design. Who ever thought of a houndstooth print for a cyling jersey? Très chic. And there are matching houndstooth arm warmers to complete your ensemble. This is a well-made product with great aesthetic sense. You’re cycling in style with this, baby.

Tonik Beth Jersey, Black/Houndstooth
Price $95.00 USD
Also available in hot coral/grey

Avid runner and cyclist Gillian flies around Lanark County any human-powered way she can.



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