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Tonik Jersey Review

By Gillian Scobie

tonik-fusia-jerseyLike most women, when I exercise I like to look good. When I cycle I don’t want to go out in an old T-shirt and boxing shorts. These days looking good on my bike is a lot easier because the most stylish clothes also tend to be the ones using the latest wicking and anti-bacterial technology as well as sustainable materials.

Clothing gets da fashion

It’s taken a while but cycling clothing for women just keeps getting better and better. No longer are we forced to ride in basic black shorts and dorky tops originally designed for men (I am sure), with NO style whatsoever, hoping we don’t run into any of our stylish friends who sneer “I would never wear that.” Yeah, now they’re …. gobsmacked might be a good word.

What’s happening? Tonik for one. As one of Tonik’s target audience—a real woman with a real body—not skinny or overweight, just normal—I’ve been testing one of their jerseys—the Karen. It fits very comfortably, it’s nice and loose, allowing some air to enter instead of sticking to my back. The material is soft, it feels great when I’m out on my bike, it’s got UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) 50 protection, and it comes in some great colours—white, kiwi, charcoal, and berry. Also available—matching arm warmers.

Sustainable fabric

Why is the material so soft? I asked myself. I’ve never worn anything like it. Turns out it’s made of polyester, but treated with chitosanté, a new environmentally friendly treatment made from a natural biomass called chitosan, from crab and shrimp shells.

So the material is absorbent, breathable, durable, fast drying, soft, static-free and easy to handle. And chitosanté inhibits the growth of bacteria. So basically you get the benefits of the polyester fibres without sacrificing any high performance characteristics. If you ride a lot in humid temperatures and sweat a lot, you’ll love that kind of protection.

Extra features
Other features that I like about the jersey are the sleeve design and the beautiful white stitching on the outside that’s part of the design. Because the sleeves don’t have a seam right at the underarm, they allow the air to get up under your arms and down your back. As well as the silver reflective material alongside the front zipper and on the back logo. The colours of these jerseys (except for charcoal) are easy to see from a distance. Another great feature: a secure zipper pocket at the back for keys or money. Tonik also has fitting guarantees. If the fit isn’t right you can send the jersey back. They’ll send you another size and pay the return postage.

Like I said. Style. You want it. You got it.

This jersey is $95.00 and it’s made in the US.

Check out Tonik’s website: tonikcycling.com.

Gillian Scobie is an editor and writer who loves to run, cycle, and swim in the great outdoors of Lanark County.

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