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Trek Women’s RL WSD Short and Jersey

RL WSD Short

Bontrager RL-WSD shortsWe get a lot of comments about cycling shorts on the website. Many women find that the padding in them is often so excessive that it causes genital discomfort. Some take extreme measures and cut out the centre of the chamois to be more comfortable. Shorts manufacturers who design thick, deeply-layered chamois don’t seem to realize that too much padding can cause chafing and other genital problems for women.

But Bontrager* got it right with the RL WSD Short. They understand that when it comes to the padding, less is often more. The RL WSD short is designed with an Italian-made chamois that’s not too thick, not too thin. . . but, ah! . . . just right. I Bontrager RL-WSD for womentest-rode the shorts on a 65 km (40 mile) hilly route and, believe me, if I hadn’t been testing them I wouldn’t have noticed them at all. This medium compression short is ultra comfortable. Cost $85

(* Trek Women’s cycling clothes are part of the Bontrager brand)

RL WSD Short Sleeve Jersey

Bontrager-WSD-short-sleeve-jerseyThe matching RL WSD Short Sleeve Jersey makes the outfit complete, not to mention eye-popping (you’ll really impress your cycling buddies with this duo). The form-fitting women-specific jersey comes with a full-length hidden zipper. The back of the jersey and under the arms are vented. This, along with the performance-wicking fabrics, keeps you cool and dry. The elastic hem at the bottom of the jersey keeps it in place. The non-elastic sleeves add to the ventilation for a more comfortable ride. Looks fabulous. Feels great. The RL WSD Short Sleeve Jersey comes in seven multi-coloured designs. Cost $99–$119

See these and other WSD products at Bontrager.

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