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XX2i Optics Review

Reviewed By Laurel-Lea Shannon

XX2i Optics reviewXX2i Optics, from R.A.C.E. are performance-class sports sunglasses sold at value prices. The France1 Dual Pro Sunglass Kit comes with two pairs of sunglasses, one white gloss frame and the other demi tortoise, both with brown lenses, plus 3 spare lenses: clear, yellow, and orange. These multisport glasses are suitable for running, cycling, or any sport where you need glasses to stay put and not fog up.

I tested them over the spring cycling season for two months. The XX2i perform as promised. I especially like the sleek, lightweight design, which makes them suitable not just for road cycling, but for a day in town, out on the trails, or at the beach. You’ll get a lot of wear out of these beauties, and at an attractive price.

The Fit
The XX2i glasses come with adjustable nose and temple tips so they can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit. The frames are a bit stiff, so it takes a bit of muscle to exchange lenses. When I first tried on the demi tortoise glasses, the frame was crooked, probably skewed during packaging. I had to gently bend it so it rested properly on my face, but having done that, it has continued to hold the correction. The white gloss frame was fine. The glasses fit well, are super-light, and stay put while cycling.

The wraparound lenses provide a wide, unimpeded view. Compared with other glasses in the same price range, the optics are very good—sharp and clear. The inter-changeable 5-lens system (clear, yellow, orange, and two brown) covers all weather conditions you’re likely to encounter.

The lenses, made of shatter-proof polycarbonate, are guaranteed for life—even against scratches. R.A.C.E. claims that “even if your dog chews them” they’ll refund your money.

Wind Resistance
Spring riding is always windy and this year has been no exception. But the XX2i met the challenge of the blustery weather and windy declines during my rides. There was no blow through or tearing while wearing the sunglasses.

Sweat and Fog
I would have preferred to have tested the XX2i in the middle of the summer, so I could accurately report on whether the lens is truly fog-free—a really important feature in cycling glasses, and one that not all manufacturers achieve. I’ve managed to build up a bit of a sweat during cold, spring rides, but nothing like the deluge I experience in the steamy, summer months. But I can report that so far the lens have stayed clear of fog during my rides and immediately after stopping.

Extra Goodies
The sunglasses come with a protector case that fits both glasses and the extra lenses. It’s quite large and not something that can easily be carried around in your purse. Think gym bag, instead. Two soft carrier bags for the sunglasses do double duty as cleaning cloths. There are also tiny soft carrier bags for the extra lenses—a nice feature that allows you to carry different lenses on your bike for changeable weather.

You really can’t go wrong purchasing XX2i sunglasses. They come with a 365-day return policy and a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty. Don’t need two pairs? You can buy one pair for $54.99. The XX2i also comes in a polarized and reader version for $99.99.

Bottom line: Excellent value. Price: $149.99 US


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