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Try This 2 x 20 Minutes, Twice Per Week For Amazing Results!

By John Marsh

Road bike rider logoNo, this isn’t a plug for a new no-sweat fitness machine. Instead, it’s a prescription for more power and endurance on your bike.

It’s simple. On a normal ride, choose terrain that allows you to pedal hard and steady for 20 minutes. It might be a gradual climb or a flat road into the wind.

Be sure you’re warmed up, then go for it. Your effort should be around 85-90% of your max heart rate. It should feel hard but not all-out.

On another ride at least two days later, do it again.

These twice-weekly 20-minute efforts are like mini time trials. They increase the amount of power you can generate at or near your lactate threshold (the point where panting begins). Few riders do them because it’s lots easier to just cruise along. That’s why they don’t get closer to their potential.

But if you discipline yourself to bite the bullet for a measly 20 minutes on a couple of weekly rides, you’ll feel the results in just 4-6 weeks.

John Marsh is publisher of the weekly RBR Newsletter and www.RoadBikeRider.com, which provide expert advice, tips and shared knowledge to road cycling enthusiasts – from beginner to experienced rider – to help them become better cyclists and enjoy our sport even more.


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