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The Clean Girl’s Guide to Cycling: How to Clean Everything from Bar Tape to Sports Bras

How to Clean Everything from Bar Tape to Sports Bras

By Sarah Bonner

Have you ever ruined your cycling gear because you didn’t know how to properly clean it? Everything from your bicycle to your cycling shoes needs to be properly cleaned in order to maintain it and extend its use. Cycling gear is becoming increasingly high-tech, including the fabric that shorts and jerseys are made of. Throw them in the wrong kind of wash with the wrong kind of detergent and you could soon be shelling out $100 to $150 for another pair. Read more . . . .




Training for a Two-Day Charity Ride for the Time-Starved Cyclist

Training for a two-day cycling event

By Diane Stibbard – Coach, Trainer, and Two-Time Canadian Duathlete of the Year

Short of time, but want to ride a two-day charity event this summer? Wondering how to fit in the necessary training? Not sure what you need to do to get ready for the big event?

Coach, personal trainer, and two-time Canadian duathlete of the year, Diane Stibbard has you covered with her new e-program, Training for a Two-Day Charity Ride for the Time-Starved Cyclist. Read more . . . .



Cycling for Weight Loss

Cycling for Weight Loss


By Laurel-Lea Shannon

Do you want to look and feel your best? Be toned and cardio-fit? Whether you need to drop one dress size or more, we’ve got you covered.

What’s the best way to trim down fast? Cycling. Why? Because it’s fun—making it easy to do for long periods—and it burns a truckload of calories.

But losing weight and keeping it off requires a step by step plan. In Cycling For Weight Loss you’ll learn how. Read more . . .


How To Use A Foam Roller: An Illustrated Guide for Cyclists

By Sarah Bonner

Athletes of all levels have started using foam rollers to increase flexibility, endurance and strength. Why has foam rolling and self myofascial release become so wildly popular? Maybe it’s the tremendous health benefits. Or because it’s inexpensive. Or due to the fact that you can do it at home—whenever it suits you. Or at the gym, if you’d rather. You can even take it along on your travels. Like a dedicated 24/7 massage therapist, your foam roller is waiting there when you need it. Read more . . . .


Strength Training for Women Cyclists

Strength Training for Women Cyclists

By Clair Cafaro

Looking your best, maintaining your ideal weight, keeping fit and gaining strength and power, is not just about the bike. To power up, you need to firm up. That means increasing your muscle mass. And that means doing strength training off the bike. Read more. . .

Clair Cafaro is the president of C.O.R.E Cycling®, an indoor cycling instructor certification program based on authentic cycling principles. Clair is also a Periodization Planning Specialist through the Tudor Bompa Institute, and a level 1 multi-sport coach with the NCCP.




Keeping Fit in the Off-Season

Keeping Fit in the Off-SeasonBy Diane Stibbard – Coach, Trainer, and Two-Time Canadian Duathlete of the Year

World-class cyclist and certified coach Diane Stibbard will help you reach your fitness goals with her training program, Keeping Fit In The Off Season.

** Four months of cycling workout schedules
** Diane’s weight training program with how-to photographs
** Exercise worksheets to monitor your progress
** Q & A with Diane: cycling and off-season training tips

Read more . . .



Winter Training for Cyclists: Fundamentals for a Strong Season

Winter Training for Cyclists

By Clair Cafaro

How do you want to feel this cycling season?

a)      Toned
b)      Strong
c)      Cardio-fit and ready to go
d)      Flabby and tired
e)      a, b, and c

If you answered “e”, Winter Training for Cyclists will get you there. Read more . . .