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Diane Stibbard

Triathlon Canada's 2005 Masters Female Duathlete of the Year
cycling touring for women

In recognition of her accomplishments in 2005, the Triathlon Canada Board of Directors has selected Diane Stibbard as Triathlon Canada's 2005 Masters Female Duathlete of the Year. The award will be presented at the 8th annual Triathlon Canada Awards night, which is being held in conjunction with the National Championships in Brampton, Ontario Friday, June 30th.

Last September Diane finished an impressive 4th at the 2005 ITU World Duathlon Championships in a very close race, just seconds behind the second- and third-place finishers. Congratulations, Diane!

Most of you probably know Diane from her interviews and the articles she's written for womenscycling.ca. Through these she has generously shared her cycling expertise and experience. Diane also offers cycling training programs for women available only through www.womenscycling.ca. She's currently working on a new program: Riding The Century (100 miles), which will be available May 15th.

What's different about Diane's training programs that you won't find any place else?
This announcement says it all — a lifetime of dedication to cycling, decades of professional training experience, and the day-to-day focus and commitment it takes to be and do your personal best.

The bottom line: Diane's training programs work . . . guaranteed.

Read more about Diane here.

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cycling touring for women
Diane Stibbard

Duathlete and Coach
cycling touring for women

Diane Stibbard was born and raised in Australia. Since 1984 she has worked in different parts of the world including Hong Kong, Australia and Canada. A competitive athlete her entire life, Diane has an impressive list of athletic accomplishments, most notably:

Triathlon Canada's 2005 Masters Female Duathlete of the Year
4th place finish at the 2005 Duathlon World Championships-Newcastle, Australia
Team Member - Canadian Duathlon Team 1992, 1993, 2001, 2002, and 2003
6th place finish at the World Duathlon Championships in Italy 2001 (1st Cnd Overall - Age Group Female)
Top 10 finish in the Open Female Category at the Paris to Ancaster Enduro 60km Bike Race
8th place finish at the World Duathlon Championships in Atlanta in 2002
Canadian Female Age Group Duathlete of the Year 2001 - Voted by Triathlon Canada
Subaru Age Group Duathlon Series Winner - 2001, 2002
Top 10 Canadian Women Finisher at the New York City Marathon 1998
2000 Chicago Marathon and Boston 2001Marathon Finisher
Diane's academic qualifications include:

Diploma of Physical Education (Major) Minor in Athletic Therapy (Honors)
ACE Personal Trainer/Weight & Lifestyle Management
AFLCA/BCRPA - Group Exercise Instructor/Strength Trainer
CFC - Certified Fitness Appraiser
Fit-Fore-Golf Certification
Level I & II Coaching Certification
Reebok Spinning Certification
Resist-a-ball Core Instructor Training Level I&II
As a world class duathlete, Diane brings a rare combination of expertise, motivation and knowledge to her Toronto based business Down Under Fitness. She knows that the driving force to reach any goal comes from a deep desire within. As a trainer, she has a unique ability to help individuals embrace this desire to achieve their athletic potential.

Down Under Fitness
provides aerobic testing, training programs for highly competitive athletes and recreational individuals, nutritional counseling, personal training, and athletic injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Diane lives, cycles, runs and works in Toronto where she trains sports enthusiasts of all stripes, including: duathletes, triathletes, runners and recreational cyclists.

cycling touring for women
cycling touring for women

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cycling touring for women