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April 2014 . . .


Georgena Terry:
The 10 Most Important Questions To Ask When You’re Buying A Bike



You’re probably going to be asking questions of yourself and your bike dealer during the buying process. Let’s start with the conversation you’re having with yourself.

What are your goals for this bike? If you haven’t thought them out carefully, it’s going to be hard to get your point across at the bike shop.

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"Ask a Pro" with Diane Stibbard

Diane Stibbard-Ask a Pro


In this issue of Ask a Pro, Diane answers the question:
What Role Do Probiotics Play In A Healthy Diet For Cyclists?

A: These days, probiotics—gut-friendly bacteria that not only improve digestion but boost health—are getting a lot of attention, not only from complementary health practitioners but from traditional doctors. Why? Because of the irrefutable evidence that a daily probiotic supplement can improve your health.

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Skill Drills During Base Training

By Sarah Bonner

Skill Drills During Base Training


As base training season rolls around, so does the opportunity to practice and learn new bike skills. Long, slow base rides are the perfect time to devote your attention to skills practice. Whether you’ve been on an indoor trainer for a few months and need a refresher, or you’re trying to increase your skill set, these quick skill sessions will not only help break up long base rides, they’ll increase your bike handling confidence.

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Keeping up with the Cervèlos

By Ursula Cafaro

Keeping up with the Cervèlo’s


Carl showed up at the rendezvous spot for his first ride with the club early Saturday morning on a custom painted white Cervèlo 2012 R5ca, wearing a white Catlike Whisper helmet, white Sidi Genius ProMega shoes and a white Pearl Izumi jersey and shorts kit. He looked like BLING floating on Michelin Krylion carbon tires.

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Easy Beef Brisket

Recipe Courtesy of


Growing up I loved the brisket that my Bubby made. It was melt-in-your-mouth amazing. My mother also made an incredible brisket. Now it’s my turn to take a whirl at Beef Brisket –the perfect Paleo dinner entree.

You’ll love this quick and easy beef recipe simply because you can throw all of your ingredients in the crockpot and walk away until dinner time, when you’re ready to serve it.

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The Roadies:
What Does Gearing Terminology Mean?

By Fred Matheny

Road bike rider


Q: I’m a new cyclist and confused about gearing. I have no idea what’s meant when other riders use numbers to talk about gears. And I’m not sure how this applies to my riding, either. Can you explain? – Sally P.

A: Good question! Lots of new riders are confused about gear designations. It’s pretty simple, though.

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