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October 2014 . . .


"Ask a Pro" with Diane Stibbard

Diane Stibbard-Ask a Pro


In this issue of Ask a Pro, Diane covers Fall Fitness

Q:  How Do I Keep My Fitness Over the Fall?

A:   During the summer, most cyclists ride 1 to 2 hours 2 to 3 days during the week, and one 3 to 4 hr ride on the weekend. But with the waning daylight hours, the weekday rides will soon turn into 1 hr rides. So how do you hold onto your fitness when you have less time? I get asked this question at this time every year. I share the same concerns. However, putting on my coach’s hat, I can assure you that during September and October there are ways you can continue to work on both fitness and endurance—and put off your return to indoor trainers until November rolls around.

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Cool Weather Cycling Tips

By Laurel-Lea Shannon


In cool weather the trick is to dress warmly enough to be comfortable without overheating. Always dress in layers. That way if you’re too hot you can remove clothing, if you’re too cold you can add clothing—keeping your core temperature where it should be: 37° C (98.6° F).

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Sarah's Road Riders Tips:
How To Find New Cycling Routes

By Sarah Bonner



Sometimes a new road can bring new life to your love of cycling, but new routes can be hard to find. Here are a few tips to help you discover and explore new roads.

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Moji 360 Mini-Massager

Reviewed by Laurel-Lea Shannon


Moji has been developing recovery and pain-relief products for athletes since 2007—everything from Velcro-belted heat and cold packs (they call them cells) and neck wraps, to three kinds of massage gizmos: the hand-held 360 mini massager, its much bigger sister, the 360 massager, and a foot massager.

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Rosemary Apple Chicken

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of



As I served this up to my family and asked how they liked it, my younger son exclaimed, “Mommy, it’s AMAZING!” Needless to say, I’m quite happy with the outcome of this little experiment, which yielded good results on the very first try.

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The Roadies:
A Drafting Refresher

By John Marsh

Road bike rider


Let's do a refresher on a primary skill in cycling: drafting. The advantage of riding close behind another cyclist is great and the danger is minimal when you use the right technique.

The best way to learn is to pair up with an experienced rider. So if you're an old hand, help a newcomer learn. If you're a newbie, find a vet who's willing to help.

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