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February 2015 . . .


"Ask a Pro" with Diane Stibbard

Diane Stibbard-Ask a Pro


In this issue of Ask a Pro, Diane answers the question: Should I use protein powders, sport drinks, energy bars and gels while riding indoors?

A: Most people feel they aren’t working hard or for long when cycling indoors, and so they cut back on calories consumed on the bike, even reducing the fluids they drink. But in fact you sweat more when riding inside. There’s no wind to evaporate the sweat and cool your body. That means you need to include a regular electrolyte drink to replace the salts lost through sweat just like you do when riding outside in the summertime.

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Georgena Terry:
Personal Best: The Autobiography of Beryl Burton


It’s 1960, and women’s cycling is an afterthought. The women’s World Road Cycling Championship has just been held in Sachsenring, East Germany. Beryl Burton of Great Britain is the winner. A few days earlier she had won the women’s World Champion 3000 meters pursuit title in Leipzig. But afterwards, when she landed at Heathrow Airport, she was “…just a girl loaded with bike equipment…I was a double world champion in an international sport and it might as well have been the ladies’ darts final down at the local as far as Britain was concerned.”

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Road Rider Tips With Sarah Bonner:
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cyclists


Since a bike can’t say “I love you” (at least not literally), here are a few ways to spoil a cyclist you care about this Valentine’s Day.

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The One-Minute Workout

By Laurel-Lea Shannon


No matter how good you are at scheduling your time, work deadlines, family obligations and unexpected events (for example, sleeping through the alarm clock) can throw a wrench in your well-planned day. When that happens, don’t dump your all-important workout. Instead, consider going harder for less time, also known as interval training. Find out how much you need to do or, should I say, how little?
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Chocolate Raspberry Bonbons

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of


Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means lots of bad candy and useless merchandise will be sold in the next week or so. Over here, we’re having fun making our own (healthier) candy – especially these Chocolate Raspberry Bonbons.

My boys made an entire batch of these sweet confections last night and had a great time. They love taking over my candy projects, the little rascals! I like making these too. Using a small paint brush to spread the melted chocolate into the molds somehow reminds me of painting in kindergarten – where there were no mistakes.

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The Roadies:
Do Winter Cycling Shoes Work?

By Fred Matheny

Road bike rider

Question: I hate shoe covers because they’re such a pain to get on. Does anyone make insulated winter cycling shoes? Do they work? – Mary P.

Coach Fred Matheny Replies: Some shoe covers are not too hard to get on – like the Gore Race Power model (and many similar ones) that has a full-length hook-and-loop strip on the back.

And shoe covers are better than most insulated winter cycling shoes in the wet and cold. However, insulated shoes are a good choice in dry, chilly conditions. Read more . . .