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September 2014 . . .


"Ask a Pro" with Diane Stibbard

Diane Stibbard-Ask a Pro


In this issue of Ask a Pro, Diane covers Cycling And Knee Pain

Q:  My right knee hurts after a long ride. What could be causing that?

A:  This question comes up quite often. In fact, knee pain is a very common issue with many athletes, including runners, basketball players, golfers, tennis players. At this point in the cycling season most cyclists are putting in three to four, and sometimes as many as five rides per week. Typically, one ride per week is a long ride and can range from 100 to 120 km. Higher mileage sometimes leads to aches and pains. These may be the result of general body fatigue, however any pain that persists requires further investigation.

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Georgena Terry:
Cycling And Wind


A friend and I were riding the other day and joking around about how wind is “wind” in winter, but in summer, it’s just a “breeze.”  Is that because we’re In better shape in summer, so wind resistance is easier to deal with?  Undoubtedly, that’s some of it, but there’s more to it than that.

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Specialized Amira Sport

Reviewed by Laurel-Lea Shannon


Gone are the days of “shrink it and pink it.” Specialized is committed to designing bikes that women love to ride. Whether for beginner or intermediate cyclists, recreational roadies, or weekend racers, its goal is to create the best possible riding experience for women. And it’s that innovative spirit that has helped Specialized become the industry leader in women-specific bicycles.

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Sarah's Road Riders Tips:
What To Pack For A Race

By Sarah Bonner


After a few years of racing, I’ve learned how to pack for a race and picked up a few tricks along the way. The key to packing for a race is being prepared for any scenario but there are also few extra items that can make an event much more enjoyable. Here’s what’s to pack

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How to Grow A Women’s Cycling Group

By Pamela Dawes


The women’s group started in 2009 when the Thunder Bay Cycling Club president approached me to ask if I’d be willing to organize a women’s only event that season. I loved the idea, but thought, why not make it an ongoing event? I quickly called my good friend Kate, who, like me, is an avid cyclist. Together we came up with an idea for a regular women’s cycling group. Our goal was simple: to encourage women in our community to come out and ride with other women.

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Salmon with Tomato Basil Relish

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of

This simple, healthy salmon recipe was a hit all around tonight at dinner. My favorite taste tester said he was surprised at how little fishiness there was to the salmon –a huge compliment in this neck of the woods. It’s so great when those fresh, easy, healthy dinners turn out to be winners!

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The Roadies:
More Cyclists on Road Means Fewer Collisions

By John Marsh

Road bike rider

Huh? That doesn’t make any sense!

Research shows that the higher the bicycle traffic volume, the lower the car-bike collision rate. Specifically, intersections with more than 200 cyclists per day are safer than intersections with lower numbers of cyclists.

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